032212-national-trayvon-martin-barack-obamapresident barack obama made some people mad today.
i can hear the obama haters now.
he spoke about trayvon martin today during a press conference.
ready for it?…

well people wanted his thoughts: we got it.
this gets a signed, sealed and foxhole delivered:

tumblr_mhihjztjut1qbh0eio1_500lowkey: when i get the full version,
i’ll post.

x watch full speech at the washington post

Author: jamari fox

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  1. I’m glad he did. This case has spoiled the relationships I had with a few non Black friends. You want to go on twitter saying this young boy got what he deserved, this is all media hype, Black leaders are the true racists, then you and I can not be friends. I will not be your Toby! He no longer has to worry about stepping on toes, lobbying for a second term. So he should be able to speak freely. I’m not one of those who believes he is the Black man’s president. I understand he’s Americas president, however this ruling proved that we as Black people are not Americans. We are Black Americans. Agree or not, believe it or not, I don’t care. The blinds have once again been removed from my windows. That’s the one and only good thing to come from this. I’m no longer the fool I was. I’m not a gay man, I’m not an American. I’m a Black man living in America, and that’s what I’ll be judged by.

    1. ” I’m not a gay man, I’m not an American. I’m a Black man living in America, and that’s what I’ll be judged by.”

      that last line was a very powerful statement shea.
      that could be an affirmation.
      good comment!

  2. He didn’t hold back. I’m sitting here colored surprised. Fox News is going to rip his ass apart come 6pm. Also Shea made a very valid point.

  3. Very nice statement, by Shea. I could t agree more. I just wanna hear what the still legally married, but dating, Obama Stan, Al Sharpton has to say.

    I feel blacks stick up for this man no matter what. Or always look left when he says or does something questionable relating to our community.

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