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you know what i was thinking about?
so i was baffled how people get caught up with attentionisto’s onlyfans.
some of us have paid for full mortgages and child support.
some of our fantasies will only speak to us on that platform.
realistically tho,
onlyfans is simply a mainstream strip club

straight males will go to a straight club and drop stacks on naked vixens.
no one scolds them or makes them feel bad.
they will take their hard-earned money just to watch a vixen dance.

that’s it.
he can’t touch her.
she is just twerking on him while he throws his money at her.
if he got the bread,
he can take her to a back room for a private situation.
they even exchange sexual favors for a price.
there are strippers who even date their clients.

It is the same with Onlyfans tbh.

you pay to see a really sexy attentionisto bare it all.

for some,
if your money is right,
they’ll send you private videos for your eyes only.
if you are really got a long coin,
rumor has it with some of them…

You can get a live experience of sex.
Whatever position.
Whatever you want.
He can fuck you.
You can fuck him.
Some of these attentionistos have loyal customers outside of Onlyfans.

i’m not fonting all of them do it,
but you’ll be surprised who does.
you’ll be surprised what some of these males will do for money.
don’t let the masks and act fool you.
it’s to let the other straights not judge them for their choices.
they already sold their souls by getting naked and having sex on camera.

Why would anyone think they wouldn’t go further if the price was right?

so i totally get it.
if i can see one of my fantasies get down and dirty

…i might indulge too.

lowkey: i’m waiting for the day a male i know starts an onlyfans.
i might explode.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. I don’t pay for sex or Onlyfans, but someone has to otherwise I wouldn’t get to pirate the content. I wish a straight dude would drive a Benz and pay child support with my money for softcore content. If you’re not taking or giving dick, Qué está haciendo—I’m sorry. This ain’t the 90s and I sneaking to watch HBO just to see a little bit of titties and a little bit of bush. I want the full fireworks display.

    To quote Chris Brown: “I don’t pay for pu**y, they should be paying me!”

  2. I remember when Rice-a-Roni came out and porn companies couldn’t pay the performers because they can’t shoot and they couldn’t leave the house. Onlyfans was a way for them to take their own risk, film and make their own money to recoup the money they lost from the studios not being able to film. When people found out they could do the same thing, it blew up. Then it went crazy because the scammers jumped on. Now, it consists of $29 for a 5 minute jag session on the floor. While they promote the good stuff on Twitter to suck you into checking it out only to find out, you better off watching Twitter.

    There are a few that have hours and I do mean hours of some good, lock the door, get naked, get some albolene or vaseline and join in the fun type action. Then you got some you be like… that’s it! They want you to pay to see the less than a minute clip and pay again to see the whole “allegedly” video in a secret message. I’ve seen couples and I’ve seen some where they need to be ashamed of themselves the way they promote false hope.

    I can give some reviews on the onlyfans I have seen. I can tell you who you can pay to see and get a good money’s worth and who to save your money.

    1. ^ drop some that you off top and we can add on!

      i don’t know why i blanked when before i had so many i wanted to know about.
      here is one: vero?!!
      he is friends with k00lkeith.

  3. Onlyfans 2022 aint no joke! So two dudes who workout at my Gym got Onlyfans pages, one of the dudes I am really surprised at, the other one I just did not know he lived in my city, I thought he was somewhere else. I follow one of the dudes on Instagram and sort of discovered his Freak Twitter page by accident and then discovered his Onlyfan page, according to his Instagram he got an advanced degree and reportedly has a good job but this is from his IG so this may not be true at all as so many like to fake and front in these social media streets. I guess this Onlyfans money affords him an even more luxurious lifestyle, he is always on the Gram stunting at some hot spot. He is tall sexy and masculine and I have been checking him out on the low in the gym and then actually seeing him naked was more than I ever hoped for and he did not disappoint body wise under his clothes. The other dude is more popular but in person is somewhat lackluster. Both dudes have great bodies but both appear to be very arrogant and have these hard Str8 boy personas but I always wonder what would other Str8 dudes in the gym think if they knew they had Onlyfan pages that mostly cater to men. Of course Str8 in 2022 is not what it used to be, things have changed drastically with so called Str8 Boyz they are way more open and seem willing to explore the other side than the dudes of yesteryear. On top of these dudes at the gym, last week I was at a restaurant and saw another popular Onlyfans dude who has been featured on the foxhole a couple of times, it seems like these dudes are all over now. I wonder how do they even stay afloat just doing basic things with so many pages popping up everyday, the ones who last continue to push the envelope more and more. As this entry state, I think people will do anything and not stand on any moral convictions when money is involved in 2022 it is anything goes.

    1. ^ wouldn’t be shocked if they take “private” requests.

      there attentionistos will do it because they love being admired.
      think about it.
      they work hard to achieve these bodies and gay males love to admire and fuck their brains out because of it.
      for some,
      it would be hard toe resist.

  4. This hit piece gave me the courage to dump my chest pump guy on OF(pec panther) he’s been lack’n lately on getting those nipples hard 🙄

  5. I say why wouldn’t they? I understand that there is a lot of stigma attached to sex work (on both ends), but if someone can afford to pay to get exactly what they want, w/o having to jump thru hoops, and get straight to the point, I’m here for it.

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