Not All White People Are Bad

tumblr_mbjb50ajV51qcjvzro1_500…or nah?
you read right.
not all of the whites are bad people.
i cannot sit here and say that.
you also cannot sit up here and say that either.
now jamari fox will never ever become a “new black”.
i despise “new blacks”.
i defend my people always,
i choose black wolves over any race,
and lord knows i love when we get together and things go smooth.
the “new black” just ain’t happening for me.
not now.
not ever.
the above title may look sketchy,
but i’m about to drop my simple opinion

we can’t blame the entire white race because there are a few assholes in it.
they are fucked up asians and latinos as well.
have you seen how “we” can act towards each other at times?
the things we do and say to each other?
have you seen how some of our people treat those who are gay?
so just like some of us ain’t bad,
not all of the whites are either.

i have seen more than enough black people show their natural born asses.
sometimes i’m the one in full view.
i’ve seen it especially in corporate america.
does that mean i have to demonize all of my people?
it just means they are dumb asses i will stay away from.
this goes with any other race who shows me signs of intense doofus.
hell ive seen some of my people cast away everyone in their own race.
i’ve also seen black wolves not date black vixens,
and run to the snow bunnies,
all because of how a few black vixens were to them in school.
who does that?
i had a few black vixens treat me like shit in high school.
hell some grown ass ones now.
i refuse to think they’re all like that.

people need to adopt my way of life.
i judge people by their actions; not by race.
as a fox,
my observation skills are very high.
this is why i know who to fuck with.
there have been more than a handful of white people who have helped me.
some reached out more than my own after my parent’s died.
they have also hired me for jobs,
given me promotions,
and even have assisted me with this same website.
ive even seen some protesting harder than us during black issues.

tumblr_mfilubZTQT1rf8ikpo1_500i can’t sit up here and throw them all under the bus.
i’ll only do that if THAT PERSON(S) has fucked with me.

give everyone,
no matter the race,
a chance to prove themselves.
you want people to give you a chance in life,
if we can’t do this to others,
then we can’t expect people to accept us for being gay/bi/dl/or curious.
it all works the same.
or doesn’t it?

lowkey: and if you think i’m caping for whites,
and throwing my people under the bus,
i will wholeheartedly cuss you out.
belee dat!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Not All White People Are Bad”

  1. You are speaking my mind! You are pretty clear about what you’re saying and so no one should believe you’re caping for anyone when what you’re saying is common sense. We speak so much about other races stereotyping us and putting us in this small box but we do the say to other minorities. Basically: don’t stoop down to that level. I don’t understand when Person A does something that it’s the whole alphabet’s fault. Like why?

  2. *comes straight out of lurk mode* I totally agree with every single words u just said. Just give everyone the benefit of the doubt until they prove you wrong…

  3. This is a great post. I think when one is rejected, particularly by certain people, we separate ourselves from people similar to them to protect ourselves. I feel we as people have to hold individuals accountable for their divisive attitudes.

    1. New Black

      Term coined by Pharrell during an Oprah interview. Mostly used in online communities, like Tumblr. New Black meaning, black people who do not believe in racism and/or do not blame white people for racism, don’t hold racism accountable for any troubles in their lives.

      Many jokes about New Blacks include comparing them to upper-class white people.

      via urban dictionry

  4. This is how I’ve always thought and was raised to think by my parents, with them being from a different generation they know what it’s like to be judge based on the color of your skin and nothing else. I love my people and while I think we have it hard in this world I’m not blind to the fact that other races have it hard as well or the fact that my race isn’t perfect.

    It’s this kind of thinking that also has me open to dating wolves of another race, I see fineness in many shade not just one. So let a wolf like Channing Tatum or Maravilla want to holla at me I’ll let them just as I would with Idris Elba or Braylon Edwards.

  5. But you are caping for whites. Just leave a direct link to this entry on the side bar because you say this every time a discussion about racism comes up. We get it Fredrick Douglas.

    1. Jamari, I realized my comment was a little too hostile toward you. I need to stop commenting right away off emotion. I felt like you were talking down to us, like you’re on some high level of acceptance and we’re all just a bunch of barbarians that go out and sock the first white person we see.

      (ಥ﹏ಥ) Sorry bruh bruh. You know I’m a mess, mentally. God’s working on me.

      1. ^zen.
        i have always respected your presence on my site.
        you have always been great at leaving comments.
        i didn’t deserve those comments yesterday and today.
        i never speak down to my readers or think im on some high level of acceptance.
        as much as I post the things that hurt me,
        and speak honestly about my experiences,
        for you to say that was actually real hurtful.
        i sat here this morning like:

        “what did I do to deserve this?”

        if you want me to continue to acknowledge you as the great foxholer you are,
        I would suggested you get out of your emotions when you post to me.
        I respect you and I ask for the same in return.

      2. The thought that Sandra Bland might be dead in her mugshot had me feeling some type of way. Anger, sadness. I’ve said worse things to people that I later came to regret because there was no need for me to take it there.

        Again, sorry. I think it’d be best if I just stopped commenting all together. I don’t really say anything worthwhile.

  6. Other races are just as homophobic as Black people. That cannot guilt-trip me when it comes to my disdain of everyday racism from White people. The mainstream gay agenda was started by White people that’s why so many non-whites have this distorted notion that White people on a general scale are more accepting/tolerating when it comes to gay people when that isn’t the case. They’re just the majority so it appears that way. Otherwise we’d have a lot of openly gay athletes and politicians. Plus look at Russia and their homophobic president. Sure countries like Jamaica and Uganda are very serious when it comes to their smear campaigns against the LGBT community, but they’re not alone on this

    1. You make some valid points. The movement at times can be very racialized. I notice is some gay rights battles, it’s alway some black inner city preacher against some white upward mobile gay men. But ultimately the white religious orgs get the spotlight because they are the one with the real money and influence.

      Like I said before, we need to call everyone out on their bullshit and not be so forgiving just to fit in.

  7. Jamari, of course not all white people are bad or good. But you should realize that much of the current problems of black people have there origins in slavery and Jim Crow. But for white people, what’s their excuse? Understanding history and other thing such as psychology and sociology (which many black people lack inasmuch as only 52% of black males graduate from high school ) is crucial understanding and analysis. So when you blame black people (or a black person), you are often blaming the victim. n the other hand, when you blame white people (or a white person), you are often blaming the person who is the heir of the victimizer. That’s quite a difference! (And, by the way, blacks and whites are often ignorant of those relevant facts.)

    The Genesis of the Problems
    (There is substantial evidence that the bulk of the problems faced by African Americans—economic, psychologic, sociologic, political and cultural–are due to the legacy of 250 years of slavery and 100 years of Jim Crow. [If you want further information on this, ask and I will send it to you.] First, we know that African immigrants of similar African descent do not have the problems of African Americans. In fact, they do better than African Americans or other Americans measured by socioeconomic achievement. They are at the top of American socioeconomic achievement! Second, we know that people also of similar African descent with similar histories of slavery and systematic discrimination—African Cubans, African Peruvians, African Brazilians, African Venezuelans, etc.—are also at the bottom of their societies. And it should not be a surprise. Slavery stripped Africans in the Diaspora (those of African descent) in the USA, Cuba, Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, etc. of their names, histories, languages, traditions, customs, etc. and replaced that with dysfunction to make a better slave and after slavery replaced that with legally-sanctioned or by custom and practice second-class citizenship to oppress and marginalize [including Jim Crow]. In any case, no matter the cause of our house being in a mess we are 100% responsible for “clean-up” of our house because we live there. The first step in solving a problem is to acknowledge that you have a problem. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work. Leadership begins at home.)

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