You’re Trying To Convince Me This Vixen Killed Herself? (RIP Sandra Bland)

sandrabland2you’re trying to tell me sandra bland killed herself?
after getting a new job?
you gonna sell me a bridge in brooklyn too?

you want to know the irony too?
she made this video during her #sandyspeaks segment on her facebook

…that she would later be the topic in her discussion?
i loved how she spoke.
she was clearly intelligent.
she also seemed very strong.
even tho she suffered from depression,
i’m not buying she killed herself the way she did.
and how the hell did she injest all that weed and why was there a trash bag in her cell?
giphyand then these alleged images:

…something in the milk ain’t clean.
the more they dig deeper into this case,
the more the stink starts to get stronger.
well that vixen was buried today.
ironically on the day emmett till was born.
rip sandra.
this tweet was very true sadly:

tumblr_nrye06IRRW1r83d7lo1_540…and if you believe otherwise,
then i’ll send you the contract for that bridge down in brooklyn.

you know i always tell you this,
but i want you all to be careful out there.

we are living in strange times.
i love my readers too much to have to write an entry like this on you.

3 thoughts on “You’re Trying To Convince Me This Vixen Killed Herself? (RIP Sandra Bland)

  1. I believe she killed herself I also believe the staff ignored the changes in her emotional state despite their knowledge of her previous suicide attempt.The staff was not properly trained or simply didnt care about mental health issues.

    I don’ t expect her family to believe she killed herself.I was suprised when I read that teenage girl who killed herself in jail 2 days after Sandra, family believes she killed herself.That girl was in jail for stealing a cell phone.My uncle hung himself over ten years ago and some relatives still dont believe it.Because I have been following this case since day 1, I know about all the theories involving the trash bag,orange jumpsuit, mugshot, her epilepsy medicine, etc.

    The fact is she should have never been in jail in the first place so DPS are partly responsible for her death IMO.
    Regarding suicide there are always people who believe it is murder.People still believe music exec Chris Lightly was murdered.I know someone who thinks Robin Williams was murdered.There are always doubts.
    We may never know the truth.

    1. I can understand your view Y Colette. At times, I believed she was murdered, and after thinking about it I start believing otherwise. I do find it strange that after being hired for a new job and relocating she just outed herself over the mistreatment she endured. She wanted to got to court I’m not really exactly sure what may have happened to be quite honest.

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