Nicki Minaj Eats Her Own Make Up

I have no words…

I’ll let you guys have a go at… this:


Well I will say this:

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15 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj Eats Her Own Make Up”

  1. This shit right here is why the music industry is a joke and why real musical talent will be pushed to the wayside for this stupid ass Fuckery. Yea Im mad and I dont understand how this is even passing for anything remotely associated with talent. This should be on a episode when Music Gimmicks go wrong. Damn now when I go to a black gay club I can look forward to 90lb skinny jean wearing/ lip gloss popping queens/with Barbie necklaces running me over to get to the dance floor. I wish we could give her to Europe……..

  2. #whoisjamarifox :
    Super Bad was actually 10 times better than that mess.

    I disagree. I didn’t like Super Bass at all. The video was cute but that was about it. But if you look at sales and amount of plays, her cheesy songs do better. WE like her more serious stuff i.e. Roman’s Revenge but the overall music buying public doesn’t. And they’re the one’s who keep her music going.

  3. I mean, she didn’t have to stoop to Kim’s level but since she did at least the beat rocks & the kids will be swaying & slaying to it the clubs…*shrug*

  4. Besides what y’all sayin the gay came out of me. I loved the make up, the heals, and Nicky popin dat ass in da cage

  5. Im actually dissopointed in this being a single i think its a fun son to put on a album and play at a club for the beat and the hype but as a single NO ! .. But we all can recall the response Massive attack recieved … And now look the Album is pushed back to april 3rd and it was set to come out Valentines Day Hhhmmmppp !!

    1. This song will flop.
      Another will flop,
      And then she will have a hit single that will be better.

      Massive Attack: FAIL.
      Your Love: FAIL.
      Roman’s Revenge: WINNER.
      Songs after that: WINNERS.

    1. Super Bass is trash but it caught on quick. This song is along the same line. If you want “Did it on ’em” Nicki Minaj then you’ll have to convince white people (who are the ones who predominantly buy albums) that that is what the focus should be on. Otherwise, she’d go the way of all the other female rappers who’s albums and music are not supported.

      1. ^she looked like a million dollar sambo.
        Nicki is trying to hard now.
        Nothing in that video was inspiring to me.
        Super Bad was actually 10 times better than that mess.

  6. 1. Her man is fine! 2. Love her heel-less shoes throughout. 3. This BANGS in the club. 4. This is meant to be a F-U-N song, and people hate the video for no apparent reason except to hate it. lol

    “C’mon bytch, you see where Brad at!” She did that lol

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