Ne-Yo (And Thee Most Ignorant Alleged Shit Ive Seen)

lazy-love-explicit--e1339530989247ive always had a soft spot for ne-yo.
you can take that how you want.
ive also briefly met him way back.
he was cool people.
he was also trying his hardest to get with a ex vix of mine.
either way this vixen he recently met up with basically violated his alleged sexuality

so everyone meet crystal renay:

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 10.46.49 AM

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 11.22.45 AM
a instagram “model” mixed with all kinds of shit donning a fat ass.
we don’t have enough of those!
“model” is another overused term within the black social media community.
like “personal trainer” or “stylist”.
anyway the other day,
crystal and ne-yo went on a little date.
this is what she allegedly had to say about it before deleting everything:

Last-Standi feel it coming.
that word vomit…
control it jamari.
control it.
these new hoes ain’t loyal?
what happened to the days when keeping a secret was a badge of honor?
alas it feels like those days are no more.
well before you launch stones at her life,
there is a twist in this story.
apparently she was “hacked” by her manager.
the whole “hacked” trick.
it was actually confirmed by ne-yo on his instagram:

was this a scheme?
i’m starting to think it was.
this smells like the rancid odor of:

“hi look at me!
over here!
the bald one!
not the light skinnededededs you all are use to.”

excited-dog-1it is no coincidence she is also in the video as well.
ne-yo should be glad i like his music.
these kind of alleged stunts are grounds for fan termination.

ne-yo: instagram | crystal: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Ne-Yo (And Thee Most Ignorant Alleged Shit Ive Seen)”

  1. Hmmmmm I personally dont believe a word from Neyo. This is not the first time i heard about him being gay. All this does is confirm the rumor. Personally i smell gay on his ass. Sheep know sheep and I can smell a gay person from a mile away. He creates distractions to avoid the rumor but this rumor has been stink for years. So theres truth to this …as we say if it aint so, it nearly so…meaning there is always truth to rumors.

    1. ^you know what seti,
      and dont think i feel you,
      but if he wants to wear straight fur then let him.
      he isn’t harming anyone.
      i think people pick on neyo because he is such an easy target.
      plus doing this may cause him to treat gays a certain way.
      you see how others get when they get gay rumors.
      he does need to cut these antics out tho.
      they never end well for him plus they don’t make people run to buy his music.

  2. i think media and most people just want everyone to be gay these days including ne-yo because he’s not your stereotypical black male r&b artist…i don’t get gay off of Ne-yo i get sophisticated and confident i don’t get gay off of him i never did, however i get bisexual vibes from trey songz, ray j, diddy and etc…

  3. The talk about his sexuality is old, but I have always been curious about him tho. Some days, I think he is straight, and others I think he gets all the way down. Only he can give us a honest answer. This situation here probably was a stunt to draw attention to himself. I like Ne-yo and his music, he seems cool, which is why he can get it lol. The sausage is hot, and it’s on a plate waiting for him. His ass is sexy.

  4. Look at his face. He has such a gay face. You should’ve posted those old pics of him looking fru fru. I think he is gay or at least bi. It’s not that I get a vibe from him because I don’t have a gaydar unless the guy is really flaming. Which isn’t really a gaydar because it’s obvious and in your face. Ne-Yo looks gay. Lips always poked out with hella lip gloss(chap-stick) on em like he’s going “mm hmm.”

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