He Got All The Power (and I’m On My Knees To His Mercy)

-1you know whats crazy?
all of the foxhole has been sending me countless emails about this show.
i even got a much appreciated comment with the link.
i was so hooked on “orange is the new black”,
which i still have to finish,
that i didn’t get a chance to watch “power”.
a drama created by 50 cent which stars omari hardwick and my girl,
naturi naughton,
for the starz network.
i was scrolling down my tumblr feed and i saw this…
(which is NSFW,
and “not f0r straight eyes”):

tumblr_n6qjza4NKL1t8vguho4_250 tumblr_n6qjza4NKL1t8vguho3_250 tumblr_n6qjza4NKL1t8vguho2_250 tumblr_n6qjza4NKL1t8vguho1_250 tumblr_n6qjza4NKL1t8vguho5_250 tumblr_n6qjza4NKL1t8vguho6_250…..

oh ok.
i was gonna watch “devious maids” but looks like thats not happening.
i’m just about to get comfy and click that lank to watch,
like 5 minutes ago.
sorry i don’t have starz.
i feel like omari hardwick is one of the sexiest light skin black actors in a while.
am i wrong for this assumption?
you can watch it with me about 5 minutes ago as well.
oh and stop bogarding the sheets when you get in this bed please.


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9 thoughts on “He Got All The Power (and I’m On My Knees To His Mercy)”

  1. Omari is the ultimate. He’s like the Brad Pitt of the Black community. Ever since I first saw him in that goofy ass movie Next Day Air, I was just sitting there like “Who is this dude.” As soon as it was over, I looked his ass up.

  2. Lindo, on second look, he doesn’t have a “bubble” back there. But not all guys or girls can get lucky in that department and as you said, his ass is nice and squats can do wonders.

    1. That what I am saying! I wish people would stop getting ass implants that shit is dangerous and just love their butts and do squats to make it look more nicer.

  3. He is beautiful and has a gorgeous body. And it funny for a man who has a flat ass, his ass is beautiful. Squats can do wonders for your ass.

  4. The show was good in my opinion. I wanted to reach through the screen and grab that booty during that sex scene tho. Had a wolf grinning like shit. I was excited.

    1. ^i would have DIED…
      if he was shirtless and laying on top of me like he was naturi in that sex scene.
      I know her cootie cat was throbbing!

  5. I was waiting for you to post this! I’m officially hooked! This looks like it’s gonna be a good show!

  6. Lawd have mercy on my not so purified soul but that man is all kind of PHYNE; after I watched and rewatched that scene over and in slow motion I had to literally wring my fresh draws OUT!!! More of him please and size wouldn’t even matter on that daddy!!!!

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