My Moodiness Gets The Best of Me



i woke up on the wrong side of the den.
it all started last night.
everything was just a mess

the streets of new yawk are a mess.
my crib with that messy cousin of mine is a mess.
this relationship with work wolf is a mess.
jamari fox is a mess.
i can’t get over how much of a mess things are.
i got in the crib last night and went straight to bed.

today i don’t feel like being anywhere.
i’m just floating.
i don’t want to be bothered.


none of that.
my whole life is on “do not disturb” today.
the sound of anyone’s voice is grating my nerves.
i just want this day to get to 6pm so i can go home.

don’t bother me.
the end.



update: i wrote that in the meanest funk today.
i did turn the day around reading about positive affirmations.

i also found a good therapist…
until he told me doesn’t see anyone after 2pm.
he was in a penthouse office in the city too.
i want a black and gay one,
but i’ll settle for a black straight wolf who isn’t a judgmental asshole.

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “My Moodiness Gets The Best of Me”

  1. You’re a hot ass mess, but that can be fix with a nice warm bubble bath, music, lavender oil to relax you and a nice cup of tea with mint to cool you…. So when Mi gonna move out?

  2. Damn sounds like you woke up in the wrong side of the bed this morning lol don’t worry been there a few times this week.

    Whatever therapist you find I hope they’re able to help and not be the kind to just want your money and no do much to help you through your problems.

  3. At first I was skeptical about you going to a therapist, but it may not be a bad such a bad thing. Finding a gay one who understands you may be tough tho.

  4. I’m happy that you were able to find a therapist even though a black, gay one would be preferable. Going to therapy really helped me through a rough time. Sometimes, talking to a disinterested professional is definitely more helpful than just venting to friends. I recommend therapy for most people, especially black men, gay or straight.

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