i’m trying…

97ea731346b7978f21d49f0f701ecb5bi’m trying to move on.
i’m trying to not be so dependent.
i’m trying to be my own.
i’m trying to look past.
i’m trying to ignore.
i’m trying to not break.
i’m trying to be mister nice fox.
i’m trying to be mister bad fox.
i’m trying to smile.
i’m trying to accept.
i’m trying to not cry anymore.
i’m trying to mend the pieces of my broken heart.
i’m trying to be brave.
i’m trying to not check my phone.
i’m trying to be smart.
i’m trying to find my worth.
i’m trying to be happy.
i’m trying to start over.
i’m trying.

another something i wrote this morning.
it was a bad day.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “i’m trying…”

  1. Ooooooh okay I see what is your problem now…….. You’re trying to be something that you are not instead of being your true-self. That why you’re so damn miserable. Stop trying and be yourself.

    1. Lindo is right here you can only be yourself, you may not think you’re at your best self yet but you’re getting there. You’re going to have your good days and your bad ones just like the rest of us,it’s how you overcome the bad ones that get you the good ones faster .

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