Michael Sam Ain’t Dating No Black Fox

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 11.01.49 PMso michael sam,
television personality extraordinaire,
has revealed why he is dating the snow fox.
we gonna get into it soon.
so michael sam was at quinnipiac university to talk about his glory days.
you know…
when he was the first openly gay baller wolf in the nfl.
he addressed how many other gay baller wolves are in the nfl.
like he told oprah in his documentary

“I’m just gonna say I’m not the only one in the NFL that is gay, I’m just the only one that is out,” Sam said. “They want to protect their livelihood, but there will be a time [when they come out]. There’s going to be a day.”

giphyokay mikey…
don’t run it into the ground baby.

anyway later on in the conversation,
he addressed why he wasn’t with a black fox.
a lot of people have been criticizing his currently relationship.
he said:

“My fiancé gave me the strength [to come out]. The challenge I get now is, why are you not dating a gay black guy? Why are you dating a white guy? Why would I do that? Why would I leave someone I fell in love with and have been through so many challenges with?”

i mean…
i get it.
he doesn’t look like the type who would date a black fox.
if this snow fox helped him find himself,
and gave him the courage to do what he wanted to do,
can we really judge?
probably not.
my thing is…
his coming out didn’t really do much for his nfl career.
everyone is over him,
that same snow fox is the bread winner,
and now he is dancing with stars for relevance.
largeyou can see where i’m going with this.
like i said on here a million times when it comes to him:

first season = proving himself
end of first season/after good season = come out closet

he put the cart before the horse.
well the wheels fell off and the horse walked away.
you can catch michael on dwts next monday at 8pm.
Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 11.36.38 PMquotes taken: the huffington post

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “Michael Sam Ain’t Dating No Black Fox”

  1. I come against muscle pussy. He can date who he wants. I want my piece DL, eh hem Dick Long, and on da low, country and/or hood, that likes to eat and fart—:)

  2. I mean he doesn’t seem like he would date a black fox but he didn’t say he was against dating black and thats why he ended up with a white guy.

  3. I don’t expect him to admit he’s probably not even attracted to black men, but most men have patterns and it doesn’t matter if they are gay or straight.

    I feel like you can put most of the ex boyfriends or girlfriends of a man in a photo album and they look related or they have the same physical features.

    Very few black men date all across the ethnic spectrum like they claim and if they do its usually until they find what they really like. They either go for the white chicks (pink nipples!), foreign/spanish chicks (Darmelo Papi!), or black women.

    In any event, he looks like a damn fool. He basically let the “gay white agenda” control him and fuck up any chance he could’ve had to be taken seriously. I suspect his boyfriend was apart of that lowkey.

    I wish people (especially black gay men) would realize they’re experience is NOT the same as a white gay man in this country. Don’t let them fool you into thinking you’re all apart of the same cause. Gay or not you’re STILL a black man in America and even with them being gay they have privileges you don’t!

  4. I may be wrong but he comes across as the type I see so many times with Black gay dudes who date white dudes, they dont want nothing to do with you as another Black gay person. They in fact go out of their way to avoid you and look down on you like they are not Black. Also in his case, he just saw negative images of Black men starting with his deadbeat dad, and other Black men where he grew up. He grew up right outside the 4th largest city in the country but it was a world away from his daily existence, I have been through his hometown on my way to Galveston Texas and it looks to be very poverty ridden. I am sure as a football player he was treated special by Whites for his talent and he gravitated toward their world. This dude I grew up with was teased by his family and other people in our neighborhood pretty bad growing up, years later I connected with him when were both grown and living this life and he did not date Black men and seem to have a general hatred toward Black people period. He was very bitter because his dad left his mother to raise 5 kids on her own, so she had little time to show love and affection because she was trying to pay the bills. I am sure in both of these instances their upbringing guided their decision to date outside of their race and think it’s something wrong with being Black because they are struggling within from all the negativity they experienced from significant Black men in their life. I can also flip this same script with a lot of Black STR8 men who date outside of their race, having negative experiences with their mothers and other Black women. Of course this is not always the case because circumstances put humans of different backgrounds together to find love but many Black dudes go out of their way to not date other Blacks.

  5. Can’t please everyone. If he had been dating a black gay man people would still be complaining about something else.

  6. Dancing with the stars: $125,000 for participating plus more for each week you survive. Very few concussions. Majority do not declare bankruptcy within 18 months of the last show. Speaking engagements/ appearances of $5000 + thereafter. DWS > NFL.

    1. Reaching.

      HE claimed to be a football player. The lie detector and his actions thereafter determined that was lie.

      NFL players get paid very well. Hell I got knocked upside my head at my former job for much less. Not the NFLs fault most athletes don’t know how to manage large sums of money.

      Hell, DWTS hasn’t really revived the careers of any of the has beens that it’s geared towards, what do you think it will do for someone that never did anything to begin with? This is all assuming he has enough rhythm to last a significant amount of episodes lol.

      I can’t tell you who won the last season. Lmao!

      This is funny when you really think of it haha

      1. The avg NFL salary is $1.9M, heavily skewed by the superstars at the top. The average career lasts 3.5 years if you count the people, like Sam, cut before opening day. The average career of those who make the opening day roster is 6 years. Most NFL careers are done before the person in question reaches age 28. The medical repercussions last many decades more. I have no doubt that 10 years from now, Michael Sam will be among the richest people drafted after the first round in his year. He is turning 15 minutes of fame into more than that. He can get paid to make speeches at $500/plate LGBT fundraisers for decades more. I respect is hustle, his courage and his choices. He is in a stable relationship with a man he loves, making money and still relevant enough to be the topic of conversation among people who don’t know him. Many are far worse off than that.

      2. JAY, it doesn’t matter that YOU can’t tell us who won DWTS last year. Your ignorance of that fact has NO BEARING on the SEVERAL HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS Alfonso Ribeiro was paid for his troubles. And YOU reported WHAT to the IRS for your 2014 wages????

    1. No doubt.:-) But, the others who got dropped are coaching middle school in Mississippi or playing JV in Canada or Europe.

      1. Mike Sam couldn’t get a job coaching a cheerleading squad lol

        Coaching and playing overseas sounds more respectable to me than hitting the naenae in tight pants on national tv for attention;)

        Dignity isn’t for everyone though. I’m sleep.

  7. I’m with Jamari and Jay on this. Jamari you are damned right. He should have stayed in the closet, played like a BEAST his first season and then come out. However, the rumors would have been flying anyway because wasn’t he out to his college team? And Jay spot on. Black gay men and White gay men do not share the same experience. Being white still has privilege. I wish him well and hope he can parlay his 15 minutes of fame (25 if you count DWTS) into something lucrative. And hey white boys aren’t my cup of tea but if it turns him on cool.

  8. I think both Jays make a point:

    Jay is right in that being the gay nfl prospect nas more having more net worth than being the an NFL player that is gay. He talent just does not warrant many guarantees.

    But JAY is correct in that Michael Sam is a joke that seems more concerned about being a celebrity than a football player.

    I said at first he was just naive, but I now I feel that he has nothing to blame but himself if things fall apart further. But I wish him the best.

    Not that I don’t think Mike doesn’t care for him, but does anyone think that Vito is a tool to sell his coming out story? “Look, I’m gay, here’s the proof.”

  9. Cam, you seem pressed.

    Is there something I can do for you?

    Nobody cares that you and other WEAK MINDED men need to dick ride Michael Sam so you can some how make yourself feel like less of an abomination that you think you are or gain some sense of acceptance from society. He doesn’t represent me and I’ve yet to hear anything remotely insightful come out of his mouth.

    You see, I don’t look to the entertainment industry and television for role models. I don’t need some confirmation that there are a variety of gay men or affirmation that the way I live my life is right.

    I’ll let it ride because, know this, you don’t know me, my background, my profession, or what’s on W-2!

    I will let you know that money doesn’t impress me. Drug dealers and people that do credit card scams make hundreds of thousands of dollars too. You impressed with them?

    Respect can’t be bought. He had numerous chances to prove himself and failed.

    So never forget he’s settling for whatever he can get now. Most of the people on that show want exposure because they aren’t working and they want to jump start their careers.

    I don’t care if he’s a well paid caricature or gay mascot.

    Now you can fall back into whatever oblivion you came from.

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