So That Show Called “Empire”…

empireokay so empire
raised my damn blood pressure tonight.
i had to go make a cup of tea to calm my nerves.
so i have thoughts…

  • andre and those cannons in his crazy house outfit.
    look at what god can do!…
  • i know malcolm lips must be an experience to kiss.
  • so he wasn’t flabbergasted this grown vixen was dating hakeem…
    but more upset she was a potential gold digga?
  • hakeem’s tyga inspired song was his best song yet.
  • i got a bone to pick wit jhud.
    so she go and lock some doors,
    get down on her knees…
    here go my #ratchetmind thinking she gonna sing into andre mic…
    and she gonna ask him to pray?
    angelina-jolie-for-president-no-wayi ain’t would never.
  • that gun scene.
    the reason i’m making some tea.
  • how sexy is jamal?
    where was the gun?
    side of his head.
    absolutely no fucks to give about it.
    was ready to go out like a soldier.
    my drawz would have been on top of his head,
    with my legs on his shoulders,
    in a broom closet.
  • when luscious revealed he was the father to that baby
    see here the thing:
    why ain’t no paternity test go down before this dramatic news?
    i feel they dropped the ball on that one.
  • “yeah we can do that” – malcolm said to cookie

persons-0119what every fox wants to hear from a wolf.

  • ima be there front and center for that 2 hour premiere!
    i’m so mad they gonna be gone until september.

lee daniels is amazing ain’t he?
i’m a stan.

x watch the latest episode here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “So That Show Called “Empire”…”

  1. “my drawz would have been on top of his head,
    with my legs on his shoulders,
    in a broom closet.” Jamari, lawwwd, we must be related cause u silly!!

  2. I knew that luscious’s baby when oliva ask to speak to luscious instead of jamal. Come on that was a hint. Next week tho, I can’t wait for, but I don’t know if I want to eat it with my coconut cake or coffee cake

  3. I’m a stan for this show to Jamari I can’t believe it’s already over. I always had a feeling Jamal wasn’t that child’s father and wasn’t that awkward with Andre and Jennifer Hudson character she led him on then said lets pray I was like WTF Andre wanted her too lol. I’m kind of confused with the start of the second season I read Sepetember then I see early 2016 but then I was reading it might start this summer and do a mid season finale then bring it back in the fall lineup, does anyone know when does it officially suppose to be back.

    1. Jussie said he has five and a half months to work on his album before he starts filming second season.So he starts filming in September .DK when it will air though.

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