He Blows “Hot N Cold” Air Up My Ass

ice_cubes_Liz_West_695x316​”…Cause you’re hot then you’re cold
You’re yes then you’re no
You’re in then you’re out
You’re up then you’re down
You’re wrong when it’s right
It’s black and it’s white
We fight, we break up
We kiss, we make up…” katy perry, hot n cold

nothing worse than someone being hot n cold.
especially when you trying to get some sex.
one minute they are all over you,
being attentive,
and acting like a ring is in their back pocket.
next minute…
the muthafucka ain’t answering your calls,
texts go read with no response for weeks,
and he acts like you have the black plague.
super annoying.
 as annoyed as we get,
why can’t we drop them like a bad habit?
i had to wonder…

Why do we fall victim to the “hot n cold” mating game?…

i like love aggressive wolves.
i just like to know they want me as i want them.
i have fallen victim to the bitch ass pineapple who goes “hot n cold”.
i always seem to meet that type.
the one who blows hot:

acts interested
flirts high key
throws a few hints

tumblr_n3kd7f6K0j1qjqxmoo1_400…and then after a while,
especially when i’m starting to be open,
it turns to:

unanswered texts
no calls

tumblr_metfreaTsK1s01t9wo1_500as soon as i start playing the same game,
all of a sudden,
they are back to being hot again.

tumblr_llys4ulyG91qa8jb7o1_500 ITS EXHAUSTING!

i can only imagine what happens after the sex?
many people have experienced “hot n cold” after giving it up.
you can be left feeling real…
i’m sure ready to track his ass down and…

tumblr_lknm4bDQ1F1qa49pqo1_500i’d rather know this will the only smash,
than getting gased into thinkin’ we gon’ be fuck buddies or together.
i also prefer honesty.

i started to wonder about about this game people play.
the “hot n cold” game.
why even play it?
does it make dicks harder?
pussies wetter?
its actually really fuckin’ annoying.
i’m here to tell ya.
sure everyone plays games.
we can never escape that.
when you dealing with someone with bi polar actions tho…
too much “hot n cold” makes you look:

suffering from a coke addiction
crazy as fuck

every fox likes to feel like they are being chased,
but once we are captured (or at least interested),
why fuck everything up and then blow cold air?
are they even interested at all?
hell its almost like its a tactic to keep people hooked.
the issue with that is once the other person goes cold for good,
you are expecting them to go hot again and well…
yeah nope.
they moved on and you left waiting for a familiar “hot” action.
that can lead to a very messy outcome.
so i had to wonder…

What are the benefits of being “Hot N Cold”?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “He Blows “Hot N Cold” Air Up My Ass”

  1. This is my life right now. I started laughing when I read the title to be honest. He has me fucked up, not a little, but a lot. . I think about this dude from the moment I get up, til my head hits the pillow lol. I got a dilemma like Nelly man I’m chasing someone in an relationship, if you would call it that. Him and his boyfriend have an online long distance situation going on. They never have met to my knowledge, probably never will lol. Ok that was wrong, I know lol. I don’t believe in those relationships tho. I think that the people involved should not become serious til they meet and can see each other more consistently. You limit yourself to getting to know other people in my opinion if you tie yourself down when a person you ain’t met. His boyfriend is over 10 hours away, I cannot deal. There is more to this story, it’s pretty bad. I can’t talk about it, but it is the main reason I don’t care about their relationship, never will. It’s a legit reason because if it wasn’t I wouldn’t be chasing someone who is unavailable to me, I generally don’t do that. Y’all know me. I usually can have any man or woman I want, and I hate this work I’m having to put in to get close. He has never said he doesn’t want me, and I’ll catch him staring at me in class and everything. SMH. His boyfriend does know of my existence tho. He asked his boyfriend if it was cool if we kicked it, of course he said hell no lol. He told him, he doesn’t want him around me at all, but dude still talks to me. Dude is the baddest I have ever seen man, and I just can’t leave him alone. Whenever I ask to talk to him, he doesn’t ignore me, he’ll agree and we’ll walk and talk around campus etc. When I tell him I know he wants to be with me, he’ll smile and blush. If I text him, he will not text back tho. I walked him to his room late last week and he let me. I don’t have to beg, ask twice or say please to do any of these things with him. Crazy ain’t it. It has been exciting tho. I have to admit lol.

    Jamari, I’ll hit that email later lol.

  2. Okay I’ve pondered it this a lot!

    I was wondering why all these dudes keep asking me to take them on dates and I keep putting them. Its because deep down I don’t see it for them. They haven’t managed to grab my interest.

    We’ are all men so think of how you show interested when you are REALLY into someone….

    Okay now think of how you flirt with someone when you’re just horny or in need of attention. Once you’ve served your purpose they don’t need you until the next time.

    You see?!

    Sometimes we have to accept we are just seat fillers until someone else better comes along.

    You’re someone to flirt with, someone to give attention or stroke his ego

    I read something on instagram I believe is the gospel truth.

    “When someone you’ve been in constant contact with disappears, usually someone new is in the picture or someone from their past has slid back in.”

    That is especially true with dudes!

    1. No Jay, you need you need to take those dudes out lol. They beggin son. You want to be loved and you know it.

      1. If you haven’t stimulated me mentally through words but you showing me pics of that fat ass, I’m just gonna take you to McDonalds for some chicken nuggets and then go back to your place and see how that ass jiggles in several positions on my thick dick and then lose interest though lol

        They don’t even suggest dates I would be into. I don’t like to do sit down dinner dates. Like a museum or even working out together would be a better idea to talk and get to know each other while doing something.

        I’m a country, conbread fed dude…I don’t talk while im eating lmaooooo

        Sorry for being mannish

  3. Honestly I feel Like I’m a little guilty of doing that at times. I can be hot or cold. It may be for different reasons though. Someone who turns out to be too clingy when you have yet to develop enough feelings past that initial feeling of attraction and sometimes lust can be a turnoff. And it’s different strokes for different folks to be honest. Sometimes a person may feel because you have a connection that you must talk everyday or reply to texts on the hour. Getting to know someone shouldn’t feel like work or that you should have to punch in your time card before conversation. You don’t want to call someone to the point where they roll their eyes when you call because you’ve exhausted their number. I always think time and space is essential in letting at person miss you and vice versa. A bond should come naturally, Never forced. I’m thinkin if they’re feeling you let them make the move. If they dont, then move on to someone who will after you Chuck up the Deuces.

    1. Space? LOL. I don’t believe you one bit. Here’s why. Let’s say you meet a dude and the both of you connect. He tells you that he’ll contact you, but you don’t hear from him in two weeks, your conclusion is not going to be he is giving you space lol. You are going to be wondering and asking yourself why hasn’t he called and think he doesn’t want you. I know Foxes, y’all get antsy after a period of time when you don’t hear from a dude, masculine or not. I’m a Wolf and I would feel some type of way, but I’m the one reaching out first tho lol. You shouldn’t have to wait for someone to like you when that was already established when you met. When you want to get to know someone, you have to show interest. One of the two has to take the initiative to get to know the other. You don’t blow up their phone, never that, but you have to make it known you want them.

  4. This seems to be the story of most gay men lives. You are hot to someone right now, but they are cold to you, and the person you are hot about is usually cold about you. I have met dudes who came onto me, and I played cold, but when I warmed up to them, they got cold, Im like WTF. It just makes you so damn tired after a while. As I said so many times on here, having standards and trying to find someone you are attracted too is gonna make for a lonely existence in this life. I talked to a homeboy today who lives on chat lines like Grindr and he is always getting it in with a new dude practically every week and telling me his adventures, while I never have anything to add because I refuse to even entertain going on online dates anymore.At this point, Im like Whitney-“How Will I Know” One thing for sure though, if Im hot about you and you are cold about me, I will not waste your time

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