MEAT: Celebrity Edition (183)

…speaking of,
Andra Fuller

…. please step up and cum claim your prize.

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “MEAT: Celebrity Edition (183)”

  1. Is he gay? He is so fucking attractive! Perfect casting. I want Tyler to pick him up and make him the male lead in one of his new films. Somebody put this man on the big screen! He has everything it takes to be the next (dare I say) Denzel… (pushing it, ain’t I ???) LOL

    1. From what I have read on him he’s straight. Remember, L.A. complex is not a gay show, so they could cast anybody to play a role and kiss a dude very once in a while. It’s straight men who would kiss a man on camera for money. I’m sure some of you would kiss a woman in a film for a good amount of money. A kiss aint shit.

  2. He’s sexy despite having no azz…

    Where da hayal is Tariq though? Is he coming back? Have they fired lil dude? Although this young lady Sean aka Kal is dating is cute, I liked the Tariq/Kal dynamic – guess they figured it couldn’t carry too long?

  3. He has a little bit of cakes lol. The thing I like about him most as an actor is that HE IS NOTHING LIKE KAL. If you watch his mannerisms in his interviews he a completly different person. Very good actor, hope the show gets more attention because he is a standout. But I like my men a lil more aggresive and he seems a lil feminine. But he’s cute, I’d give him a test run, he look like he has a big dick.

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