MEAT (96)

Something about those damn crazy ass Scorpios

I am always highly attracted to Scorpios for some reason.

Devin Thomas.
Victor Cruz.
Dez Bryant.
^This Wolf above. 

All Scorpios and all the Wolves I wouldn’t mind hitching a ride on.
Something about them, Scorpios, ALWAYS turn me on OD… 

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “MEAT (96)”

  1. They are freaky as hell, Crazy, Sexy and Cool, did I mention Crazy. Its hard for them to let go, but once you get with one you will always want to get another one, no matter how crazy they are. They are one of my compatible signs, but you will have to be careful because you will be caught up and you will be the crazy one because you will have been turned out. Didnt know all those dudes were Scorpio, that explains alot.

  2. Yep Scorpio men are banging, attractive as hell. Another zodiac sign that just knocks me off my feet are those Aries men. Loves me an aries man.

  3. A wolf is a wolf to me don’t go for zodiac to much. As long as he can get the job done it don’t matter what you are lol

    1. as a fellow scorpion, we rule the gentalia sphere of the body….we represent love and sex. thats why we so sexy even when we aint trying to be…

  4. Scorpios are indeed some work,, i been with 3 of them and its something about them and capricorns that drive me crazy ,, scorpio men are really fun too !!

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