…. but SHE Received The Platinum Pipe Though.


and then THIS happened….


i hope that bitch had sense enough to get a quick 5 minute dick down in that dressing room.
shit, i’m just sayin… 

14 thoughts on “…. but SHE Received The Platinum Pipe Though.

  1. She was supposed to suck on one nipple at the least. Make it believable. At the most, she probably just played with the pipe a few minutes. Perhaps a lil’ neck. I doubt if there was any penetration.

    I really wished that I worked on one of these tours to see what “really goes on” behind closed doors.

  2. #whoisjamarifox :
    ^have you listened to his Anticipation 2 mixtape?
    If so, thoughts?

    The whole thing is mostly about sex. Inside pt 2 was a lil much for me, especially the end.

  3. Knowing him he prob did hit just to keep the eyes off him. Cause u know everybody think he fool aroun time to time

      1. He probably did hit though, real talk. I just wish he would let me hit him, that would make me so happy.:-)

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