MEAT: (609)

10525382_823368191030199_4311926580459509126_nan f-bi sent me this meat for the foxhole.
doesn’t he look good?
he seems presentable too.
he has his paper boy hat on.
lookin’ all dapper.
he kinda looks like lance gross in that angle.
well looks can be deceiving

everyone meet padream phila:

486008_554517117915309_2131862987_nhe is also a ratchet hood skrippa.
we like those.
straight tho.
that should explain ^that very interesting outfit.
this is him outside of latex leopard skin:

nothing better than a ratchet wolf on a late night smash
tumblr_navw08yjaS1rt5fwxo1_500don’t even ack like you wouldn’t.

*pictures credited to it’s owner

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “MEAT: (609)”

      1. ^what happens afterward?
        i go find another when my hormones are raging again?
        then after that?
        and that?
        and when ive contracted some disease,
        and i’m forced to write my shame,
        will you let me cry on your shoulder zen?


  1. Oh wow. I definitely didn’t expect that. You see I like a wolf like that, u know, by day he’s all prim and proper but at night he’s real hood especially in the bedroom.

  2. Im sorry but does State laws prevent strippers from stripping out of their clothes? All that shit on his body..and he supposed to bevstripping.”puhlease.’….he didn’t even move the balls under my legs…boring

  3. My first glimpse of this man literally made me gasp….and I’m still panting. Looks good inside and outside his clothes! Lawd!!!!!

  4. One thing about male strippers is they will fuck whoever is throwing money their direction. It could be from a man or a woman. They don’t discriminate when it comes to giving dick or ass for dollars.

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