MEAT: (488)

tumblr_my8if2tWos1qe8nc8o1_500did anyone catch the “no drawz” trend with the last couple entries?
i know.
“i be so profound ‘n’ stuff ‘n’ shit.” – ratchet jamari.

tumblr_m7t28oze8A1ru7khoo1_500anyway i’ve been seeing this meat all over tumblr.
yeah who he be?

eta: f-bi found him…

his name is train wright.
personal trainer sans herbalife,
but a straight wolf.
surprise, surprise?
vixens can we get a pipe layin’ report for his dossier?

lowkey: he seems short.

instagram: train wright

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “MEAT: (488)”

  1. That’s my boy Train Wright. Of course that’s not his real name but he’s a fitness instructor and bangin on the eyes but definitely a straight wolf. IG: trainwright_

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