MEAT: (487)

tumblr_my8immgt221qe8nc8o1_500oh i like this too.
you can take your pants off also.

lowkey: look at the arch?
i would have let him smash me on that ironing board.

inside voice.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “MEAT: (487)”

  1. Could you imagine just watching his ass iron, then just pulling them pants down and going to town on that ass in any way that is possible.I’d be laying back like “God is good.”

    Looks like his ass is holding the pants up.Going commando though… only in the house.I don’t want nobody else looking and being tempted.

  2. Ay dios mio! He is the man that would make me speak perfect spanish and whisper it into his ear while we are making sweet passionate love. I love to place my hands on his back and slowly glide down to his beautiful ass. And you know what I would rim him and give him a french kiss 😉 But who is he?

  3. Oh yesssssss!!! I love it!!! I can just imagine walking up behind him and sliding my hands down his back and inside the back of those pants,gently rubbing his cakes as those pants drop to the floor.

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