MEAT: (259)

this was titled:

the side effects of alcohol.

they are the best when they are drunk and stupid.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “MEAT: (259)”

      1. They are good when they are high too. I would never sleep with someone who is under the influence tho. Hell no. I want sober.

  1. I hooked up with this guy who showed up drunk. Totally turned me off. I sent his ass home. Felt a little guilty though. What if he caused an accident in the way home?

  2. Tipsy and relaxed>>>>>Drunk and emotional

    Way too many big reveals with dudes who got drunk and emotional—and violent after they got rejected.

    No thanks, bail bonds and legal fees cost money.

  3. When I’m drunk is when I’m not likely to be more fun, I’m more emotionally yes but that always lends to my greatest performances on the bar and when having sex. Lmbo. I’m a nice version of my alter ego on a couple shots of tequila

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