males can rub down the meat at “exotic painting”?

*the following is rated xxx
viewer discretion is strongly advised

i always thought with the “exotic painting” events with ^these two,
it was “vixens get to rub us down” only.
like males can attend,
but no touchy touchy.
a foxholer showed me something different via ig @( x cityboybob )

that’s exactly who i want to rub down too.
i don’t think the little one let’s males touch him,
but lamonte seems to have no fucks.
“i like that” – dj khaled voice.
i’m telling you,
they get wild af at these sippin’ and paintin via @cityboybob:

the vixens really get it good:

i’m telling you…

I’d let Lamonte fuck me entirely stupid

even tho he is a trump supporting negro,
i keep seeing my foxtail clapping in front of those big thighs of his.
he’s a meal from front to back…

i’m trying to have some kind of class

…but my ratchet side is too ignorant.
i hate him for making me feel like this.

lowkey: the other model,
shaun d,
is fine too…

why don’t we ever see videos with him?

( x see when the next exotic painting is coming to your city )

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

31 thoughts on “males can rub down the meat at “exotic painting”?”

  1. OMG Those video clips are too hawt for TV

    Both Lamonte and the other guy is hot as hell 🥵……

    but as a man I wouldn’t feel comfortable touching on another guy in the company of women. Just me…

  2. UGH. I did a show with Lamonte. He’s a Trump loving Maga hat wearing, gay homophobic thief…ALL OF THAT! Not only did i catch him coming out of the bathroom with a male guest, and he was butt ass nekid, but he has sex with white girlfriend, secretly video tapes her, then sells the viewing of their many sex acts. TEWWWWW MUCH!!!! I NO LONGER DO BUSINESS WITH HIM!

      1. I told him to come to Atlanta and do a show with me. At the time he was unaware of his huge gay following, especially in Atlanta. I promoted the event, and would use LGBTQ and PRIDE WEEKEND hashtags. Him and Shaq, his bumpy faced buddy told me to take the hashtags down because they didn’t want a bunch of gay dudes at the party. When they finally showed up and saw how much money we were making they changed their tune REALLY quick. I honestly think he has a complex. He certainly doesn’t respect gay men, but he definitely respects their money.

        1. @ J

          This is the kind of insider Tea I like… so you’re saying Lamonte is basically a lite-homophobe but is also Gay4Pay? Hmm, it seems most G4P guys are lowkey bigoted but will show their teeth for the gay dollars. Countless Instagram “fitness whores” are the same way.

          1. honestly, yes. I didn’t want to believe it at first. But my business partner kept seeing him go to the back with this gay guest and sneak off to the bathroom.I was really disappointed in his behavior. Not to mention he’s a big thief!

        2. The vids are gross, they act like they’ve never seen or touched a man

          I’m just glad the tea I suspected was confirmed.

          Damn near 90% of the attentionistos featured on here have the same MO. Some of them so trifling they’ll even entertain romantic proposals knowing full well that they’re not interested… they just want the gifts and attention. They’ll even hand over their “winnings” to their lovers.

  3. Listen, I’ve been following LaMonte since forever like back when is PornHub page was popping. I never really got the homophobic vibe from him cuz I’ve seen him say plenty of times that he loves all his supporters but hey 🤷🏾‍♂️. He is however forward as hell so that may be misinterpreted. Them thighs and cakes are beautiful though. You can’t say he don’t got body

  4. The inner-freak would LOVE to do something like this, but I can’t be caught on someone’s ig timeline doing what ol’ girl in all black was doing. I have a representation and image to keep….boss would fire me in a heartbeat. LMFAO!

    Sidenote: I too would feel uncomfortable in “integrated” spaces like that. I think it’s best to have the straight girls have their space and the gay/bi boys to have ours…

  5. He can’t be to homophobic not with some of the pictures he got floating around with sex toys and things!!! 👀👀👀

    1. What kind of toys are we talking about…???

      Hell, it don’t matter. These 21st century straight wolves will get on camera, toot they ass up, shove a big ol’ dildo up their ass, and STILL get on social media telling gay men to stay out their dms…LMFAO!!!

      WTF has this world come too…

  6. Idk….these days money be making folks so stuff. You can actually be gay and still be homophobic… Delusional but still homophobic.

    That Lamonte one is yum. This must be like a fantasy. Dark skinned chocolate men for the touching. I’m with Jamari on this one. He can def get it….as soon as he stop doing that with those

  7. What in the Low Class Bottom of the Barrel Entertainment Hell is going on here. This shit is RATCHET AF. I guess this is the new way to supplement your income when your Onlyfans subscriptions fall off. I see a lot of advertisements for these parties by some of the attention whores on IG. Thanks but no thanks, I think I will pass on both mixed and same sex style paint parties, In the words of Nene Leakes-“Whew Chile the Ghetto”

    I just hope who ever let them host this party in the Church Fellowship Hall does not get kicked out of church for allowing naked boys and alcohol in. This was a whole mess.

      1. actually he doesn’t naturally. When i did a show with him, i brought another model who was WELL endowed, and a crowd pleaser. Lamont got jealous of the attention this guy was getting and went and popped a Viagra!

  8. I’m not even going to lie these dudes are fine, but I agree with what others wrote I wouldn’t feel comfortable being around women and be touching up on these dudes. I also see that these dudes do go more out their way to satisfy the women than the men and that’s their right. It’s cool that men are allowed to be there and participate and touch and feel, times are changing. I would like for us gay men to have our own exotic painting with some good looking dudes with nice bodies. I have a feeling though, that it will get really wild but I would like it to happen.

    1. +1!!!

      I would love such an event for gay men, but I would want it to have some fine black GAY/BI models. I’m personally not here for giving these straight wolves my black gay dollars, no sir!

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