lyfe jennings knew jeffrey dahmer and even sung a song for him

this dahmer shit has me down the rabbit hole.
i watched the first episode and i can’t even start the second one.
i feel like i have to be high vibrational and be a sunny ass day to watch it.
i was reading a thread on reddit about a wolf who had a drink with dahmer.
( x read it here )
it’s so eerie to know you were in the presence of a serial killer and survived.
you avoided being a victim in that horror movie.
lyfe jennings confessed he met dahmer in jail.
he even sung a song that dahmer requested too…

this is the song:


not a song with “heart” in it.
if you know how dahmer got down with human hearts,
you’d probably scream.
this sounds like if lyfe wasn’t in jail with him,
and he lived in dahmer’s building,
i’m convinced dahmer would have tried to s eat him.

Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “lyfe jennings knew jeffrey dahmer and even sung a song for him”

  1. There is no way I would tell anyone I performed a special request musical selection for Jeffrey Dahmer.
    He could have gotten more mileage out of spilling tea on on his 15 minutes of fame as Karlie Redd s sidepiece a few seasons back. How many tree rings are around Karlie’s belly? Is her natural hair gray? Do she cook? Is she a real woman? But Dahmer, NOOOOOOO!

  2. You really need to have a” COON OF THE DAY” feature.

    Why would this Incarcerated “Man of Color” ( I will not label these coons Black) sing and befriend an animal who tortured , dehumanized, and slaughtered Black ,Brown and Asian Human Beings ???

    The only redeeming element is that this idiot unknowingly revealed to the world his lack of unity and self-respect. I always found him to be a bit odd and will never support him .I would not even tell anyone this.

  3. Time for a deep dive, I’m going to have to disagree with all of the comments thus far on this issue and offer some pushback

    The problem in our society is that we have been conditioned to be extremely apathetic to heterosexual black male vulnerability. Giving credit where credit is a due, shout out to Marquis Henri for making a point that I found fascinating. Lyfe Jennings is 44 years old, if we do the math, in 1992 Jennings was 14 years old, The bigger question is why was a 14-year-old child allowed to be in the same correctional facility or anywhere near, an at the time 32-year-old adult serial killer named Jeffery Dahmer; or any other adult prisoner. Why is a child so young serving time anywhere near adults especially hardened criminals? Instead of even acknowledging how horrible and utterly inhumane this is, we jump to this is clout chasing or some form of coon.

    If this is in fact true and Lyfe Jennings was 14 years old and serving time alongside adults he should be able to speak to his experience and the traumas that may have caused him, without criticism. I also have to wonder if a homosexual black man came out and talked about surviving Jeffery Dahmer would we as a community level these same criticisms or would we be more sympathetic to the story?

    Maybe instead of criticizing and ridiculing Lyfe in this case; we should be demanding answers from the department of corrections.

    1. This. I was just about to say, ‘Lyfe was a child’. Everyone is acting as if this Dahmer case is new, just because there’s a great Netflix series about it.

      We sit up and watch The ID Channel and Dateline all damn day, and now everyone is acting like mentioning Dahmer means you’re a psychotic beast w 2 heads from the planet affkdbsv. Ppl are really giving this waaaay too much.

      Every Ted Bundy story is about him being the ‘handsome serial killer’, and ppl act like if you mention Dahmer’s name or say that you held the damn door for him at Rite Aid in 1985 that something is wrong w you. Can at least some of us pledge to stop doing the most over this old ass story??

  4. The way he is beaming with “I’m special” pride because he sang for Jeffrey Dahmer is taking me out. Even when it’s a serial killer, we are so eager to please whites.

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