does being a tomboy exist anymore?

i knew a ton of tomboys growing up.
they would dress like dudes and be more aggressive than the rest.
everyone thought they would turn into lesbians.
many of them were straight.
some have outgrown that phase and are completely feminine now.
in 2022,
it feels like a tomboy doesn’t exist anymore.
it skips go and heads right to trans.
angelina jolie’s daughter,
shiloh jolie-pitt,
once thought she was trans male named john.
it seems like that has since changed for her…

Shiloh was Angelina and Brad’s first biological child and she was born in 2006. She was only a child when it was revealed that she thought she was a boy and requested to be called by a boy’s name. In 2008, Brad Pitt told Oprah Winfrey that Shiloh “only wants to be called John.” Or Peter. He attributed it to “a Peter Pan thing,” saying that every time someone tried to call her Shiloh, she corrected them, “John. I’m John.”

But in 2021, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, then 15, attended the Eternals premiere with her mom and she showed up wearing a brown, uneven hemmed dress with flats. She had her long hair pulled back—and she very clearly looked like a girl. There were a few other premieres during that time period that Shiloh attended, and at each of them she wore a dress and light makeup. It prompted many people to ask whether her thoughts of being a boy were a thing of the past.


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Children have quite the imagination when they’re young, leaving them to think they’re a mermaid, a superhero, or even a different gender. But in pretty much every case, the kid grows out of this phase—and that seems to be exactly what Shiloh has done.

This is a development that nobody in the mainstream media wants to acknowledge. The press was all too quick to point out that Shiloh was dressing like a boy when she was young, but the fact that she looks and dresses like a normal girl is just proof that children will outgrow their “trans” phase if you simply allow them to.

Shiloh was given no hormone blockers or procedures to make her appear more like a boy. Even if her parents did allow her to dress like a boy when she was younger, they didn’t interfere with her natural growth process, and that’s why she ended up outgrowing her tomboy phase. She didn’t need to be called a boy’s name or have her breasts cut off as a teenager. She just needed to be a child, and many times children imagine wild things about themselves that they soon outgrow.

i read about many teens who went post-op and regret it now.
( x read it here )
( x another here )


i’ve met males who were feminine as teenagers and outgrew that too.
many vixens are tomboys and it seems that is being erased.
it’s either one extreme to the next.
sometimes these new-aged parents are dead set on making it “a thing” too.
i’m glad shiloh was able to figure herself out naturally.
if she chooses to become a trans male in the future then so be it.

Her mother is Angelina Jolie for Christ’s sake.

i’m sure that rebellious spirit is in her blood.

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Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on “does being a tomboy exist anymore?”

  1. I am glad Shiloh has evolved and is not indulging in the theatrics that accompany being in the public eye.
    It’s wise that her parents didn’t make her feel strange and make choices about gender norms; but allowed her to simply EVOLVE.

  2. Her family always referred to her as she/her as their daughter/sister even when she was wearing male clothes.When she was 2 years old she asked to be called John that probably lasted a week or two.Hell according to my mother,I wanted to be called Fluffy when I was 2 and wanted to drink from a bowl like a cat.

    Since 2008, when she was 2, there is not one interview Brad,Angie,or her grandfather Jon Voight did where they referred to her as John or used male pronouns.Not once have they ever said she identified as a trans boy or wanted to be referred to as a boy.That was tabloid BS that she wanted to be a boy and that she was called John.They took something Brad said in 2008 about a 2 year who and ran with it for 13 years.

    Yes there are lots of girls who are tomboys,just like there are lots of feminine boys.That doesn’t negate the fact that there are also trans kids.

  3. Thank you Collette because this felt like denying Trans kids existence and calling it a phase and it’s dangerous.

    Just like some boys will experiment with other boys and will turn out to be straight that doesn’t mean gay kids don’t exist and that definitely doesn’t mean parents shouldn’t do whatever they can to support their children in their journey.

    Angelina and Brad did great by letting shiloh just do her, just like Gabriel and Dwayne are doing great but helping zaya to be who she is.

    By 6 I already knew I like boys, it wasn’t a phase at all, I knew that for a fact. So I don’t know why people have hard time the understand that Trans kids know who they are at a very young age.

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