Lloyd Will Be “Tarzan” (Just Not For Halloween)

screen-shot-2016-11-26-at-4-43-21-pmyou know,
i was never really into lloyd all like that.
it was a “chris brown/trey songz/sometimes neyo” r&b world for me.
i had one of his albums,
but that’s as far as i’d go.
well lloyd has another album out since his last in 2011.
he is calling it “tru”.
check out the album cover he posted on his ig…


well okay.
it is giving me:


this is what he had to say about the concept:

not bad.
i’m a little confused tho.
so sitting on a cliff,
with his hair out means “being free”?
is he scared of heights?
i guess.
it’s still a very sexy shot.
this is the video for “tru” that he released a few months ago:

i’ll have to check out what lloyd is bringing to the table this go round.
“tru” will hit everywhere on dec. 9th.

lowkey: i liked him with a haircut,
but his hair grows quick tho.
he should also release the secrets to those lustrous locks.
is it just me,
or does he kinda look like:


pictures credited: instagram

Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “Lloyd Will Be “Tarzan” (Just Not For Halloween)”

  1. I guess he has to do whatever he can to get people to buy his music.

    Side note: If he ever gets into acting he should play Sammy Davis Jr.

  2. If you listen to the lyrics at the beginning of that song Tru, he definitely went through some shyt with Birdman’s label and Young Money. He got “robbed” by the label and that just produced a domino effect on his life.

  3. He should really consider becoming a song writer. I heard the song when it first came out and i dug the lyrics but his voice was difficult to listen to.

  4. Always thought he was and I’ve like one or two of his songs in the past but that’s about it. Maybe Tru will be the album that changes that for me .

  5. Southside and Street love albums were my jam, especially Street Love album. My fav tracks were “Get it shawty’, You, Hazel, Incredible Certified, man the whole album people slept on Lloyd most definitely. I love the album cover he looks like one of those exotic tribes members in his native habitat…beautiful hair too…i may have to check it out…SN: i hollered when you said he resembles Wario.. I..AM…DEAD lmao

  6. People sleep on this man WAY too much. He is so talented & I love his albums. His voice kills all those R&B guys you mentioned IMO. Well, Ne-Yo has a really good voice too but LLoyd has a more seductive mesmerizing voice. His fav albums for me has to be Street Love & Southside. One of my fav songs from him is “Cadillac Love”. And yes he is really good looking. He is “bae you bring home to mama” material in my head LOL.


  7. Lloyd is one of my favorite male R&B artist, so I will be checking out his EP. I do feel like he’s more handsome with his hair cut but it’s not a deal breaker.

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