singer, and nudist, lloyd drags a homophobe

so this is lloyd‘s album cover for “tru lp”,
which drops on 8/31.
as you can see,
he is baring more than his soul.

well a homophobic jackal made his way into his ig comments,
this is what they had to font:

…i bet a snow wolf is taking the photo?
i don’t get the correlation.
either way,
 this is what lloyd responded

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Lloyd Will Be “Tarzan” (Just Not For Halloween)

screen-shot-2016-11-26-at-4-43-21-pmyou know,
i was never really into lloyd all like that.
it was a “chris brown/trey songz/sometimes neyo” r&b world for me.
i had one of his albums,
but that’s as far as i’d go.
well lloyd has another album out since his last in 2011.
he is calling it “tru”.
check out the album cover he posted on his ig…
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Trey Songz Gave Out STDS?

According to this soon to be not hired for anything intern on planet Earth,
he was giving them out like candy to his ex.

And she stayed?
And he is alive?

I would have found a way to murder his ass and have a “get outta jail FREE” card…

Peep the messiness BELOW…

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