“Hi, My Ass Is Loose. Can We Still Fall In Love?”


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so i was having an interesting convo with my home wolf the other day.
as much as i like talking to foxes,
i love speaking with wolves.
it doesn’t even matter if they’re gay or straight.
like hoes,
i find their views on dating and sex very fascinating.
during our conversation,
i asked him when was the last time he had sex.
he told me how he banged some fox the other day,
but there was a tiny problem…

“he was too loose!”

okay so it wasn’t a tiny problem.
now when i hear stories of someone being loose,
i immediately have to ask questions.

“did he moan?

i want to know,
from a wolves perspective,
what is it like stickin’ his pipe in loose pussy/tail.
you know,
when it feels like you stuck it in a bowl of lasagna.

“Of course he moaned, but only because I was pounding him hard as fuck from the back to get my nut. I usually like to go slow, deep, and steady but that wasn’t working lol. I fucked him for about an hour and a half lol”

now to some,
that is a great amount of time for sexual pleasure.
a hard pounding only starts the day!
an hour and half is just way to long.
some just have that kind of sexual stamina,
but who knew it was because a tail didn’t have anymore grip?

mp1rbafter our conversation,
i had to ask myself

Can you blame that fox for his slackness?

in the gay life,
we rack up a lot of mileage.
if you out on the scene,
it’s less dating and more fuckin.
if you look good,
your sexual options triple.
it is easy to get into a routine of aimless sex.
i mean and font me out
if i’m attracted to you,
i’m going to want to have sex with you.
a lot.
if you look good,
i’m going to want to turn you out every time.
if i’m out here,
twirling on every pipe that cums my way,
that breaks the walls down pretty quick.

What happens when i’m banged out and finally meet “the one”?

you can only use your mouth but for so long.
not to mention the amount of money spent on adult diapers.

in this life,
it is not guaranteed we will ever meet someone.
so fuckin’ at the pit stops works until the destination finally comes.
what happens when a fox becomes damaged goods?
is love strong enough to keep him interested when we our bodies can’t satisfy anymore?
i mean it works for older straight couples,
but i imagine they’ve fucked 10 times til sunday until it stops working.
some of these foxes are used up by the time they turn 25.
it all made me wonder…

Is random sex for a fox really ever worth it?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on ““Hi, My Ass Is Loose. Can We Still Fall In Love?””

  1. This posting had me immediately thinking of porn stars Osian and Armond Rizzo, two bottoms that like to take on seriously large appendages in their films. LOL

    But I’m not one for random sex. I have to get to know a person before we gets busy. One night stands…I don’t do. If that’s your thing, more power to you.

    1. ^im not good at one nighters.
      i am better at fuckin’ with someone i know.
      i will always be honest with that.
      i have to feel comfortable or i just wont be good.

      isn’t osian out of the game due to that “problem”?
      everytime i see armond rizzo,
      he is taking some big ass dick.





      i guess he said let me fuck all the fine porn stars before i’m out of commission.

  2. That sounds terrible. I can understand how that could happen though. You have to give your butthole a break sometimes. Especially for the sake of bodily functions. No loose Booties bro.

    1. ^and foxholes don’t have the snapback like a pussy does.
      so the question is:

      how long is a break?

      the way how sexually charges everyone is set up these days…

  3. Yea, it is the fox’s fault because people do what you allow them to. There are foxes out here whose asses are like a black hole…wide open. It does not make any sense. The important rule of thumb is not having sex more than three times a week. There is no fox who should be getting their ass banged every night. If your wolf is that damn selfish to not care for your body, his ass needs to go.

    You can really run into some health issues if you are not careful as well. One of those issues is not have control over your stool anymore. Who wants that problem? You gone be in depends by 40.

    1. ^i love when the wolves leave some good insight!
      good comment man!

      more like 30 the way these foxes are going.
      i guess this leads into another good topic about sex and relationships…

  4. I have been a long time removed from these comments. But I definitely wanted to speak on this. Maybe its just me but not all tops like tight ass. In addition, some guys like myself and my homies love when a dude can open up can has control of his butt. We all have big dicks, so we don’t mind opening you up, but when it can take an upward of 30+ minutes the horny moment sometimes has passed.

    Its occasional that we collaborate fucking guys, so I have fucked some loose dudes. I can still nutt because they are sexy AF and I am so turned on by the fact of that. Plus I am a big ass freak, so I personally prefer a more experienced ass with more milage than an ass with less. But that is just my preference and I make sure that I filter by that so I am not unsatisfied.

    The caveat I will mention is that fisting is the exception because it literally will make a dude have zero walls, so I steer clear of dudes who may get into that kind of sexual play.

    1. ^but the funny part about this,
      in the long term,
      that isn’t doing anything for me.
      yes a wolf may like a loose ass,
      but for that one wolf,
      that fox has a long term damage to his hole.

      so are we being loose for them…
      or us?

  5. I guess it depends on personal preference . I heard from some wolves they don’t like a fox to be too tight because they can’t take the dick. Better yet I’ve seen foxes brag about being tight or not having many miles on them but when they get the dick they’re running from it lol

      1. These wolves seemed to be talking about one nights stand and randoms. To be honest I feel Iike most wolves NOT ALL, don’t really care what a fox has to go through for sex anyway.

  6. I have to cosign with Nerd, I like a loose hole with experience. Like Nerd I too am an ass man.. I like the feeling, I like the sound and I am in no hurry I think it is a mental thing with me..

  7. No one expects your ass to be tight like a virgin. That’s no fun either.

    However if I’m standing up stroking you from the back while you’re on the bed and all I feel is air and no remnants of any grip on my fairly thick penis, there’s a problem.

    That’s exactly what happened lol.

    Another thing is I have no emotional attachment or desire to be fucking no dude longer than 10 minutes, so if I have to fuck you for more than that just to get my nut and make it worth the drive that’s another issue.

    Needless to say he didn’t get a call back lol

  8. ^”However if I’m standing up stroking you from the back while you’re on the bed and all I feel is air and no remnants of any grip on my fairly thick penis, there’s a problem.”

    home wolf?

    1. I’m just explaining the scenario lmao.

      Look, I like it when a guy/girl can make me nut quick from head or sex.

      Some dudes might feel ashamed but I’ll get dressed and ask if you cooked anything. Lol

      BTW, I’ve messed with older ones (~36 years old) that could control his ass and nut w/o touching himself while I smashed. 5’7 and muscular and ass was thick as shit!

  9. I think everyone is different. I personally am afraid of dealing with a guy with a very big penis. I have had a situation in the past where a wolf complained that I was extremely tight and he couldn’t get in at first. He was very endowed but once he was in he was moaning like he was in heaven…However i’ve noticed that being tight means they usually finish faster? I’m seeing someone now who’s 40 (I’m 29 btw), he’s a fitness buff runs throughout the week, big on working out, lean and muscular body and he’s very passionate, loves the fact that I’m tight and adores my body (I’m a big guy). I guess at the end of the day it depends on the person. I have a buddy of mine who is very promiscuous (he’s a bttm) and we talk and share stories and he stays getting hit up and he’s shown me screenshots where guys text asking him can they get some more of his tight ass so idk if bttms ass gets loose from the number of guys they fuck Or if it’s from the sizes of the dick. I think it may be from the size of dicks. SN: I know an older women from my old neighborhood the rumors was her ass is so loose that one day she shit on herself trying to make it home to the bathroom…so idk everyone just be careful and don’t sleep with everyone…Everything that glitters aint gold besides I’m at that point now where I want you to make love to my mental before you get my body. It may sound cliche but it’s true. Casual sex is old now especially when the sex is so/so

    1. ^i love this comment and im 110.

      maybe you’re right.
      it could be the consistent size of the pipes.
      i don’t ever want to be shittin’ on myself not being able to hold my bowels.

  10. The anus is a muscle that can be strengthened by kegel exercises. So I suspect that gay men wearing diapers is a myth. Who knows of any gay men wearing diapers?

    Don’t blame me if you are to ignorant or to lazy to do kegel exercises to tighten up down there.

    1. Yup kegels are the answer. The anus is muscle. The more you bottom the better you get at relaxing that muscle. a loose bottom is a bottom that can easily relax his sphincter.
      Kegels help you learn how to control how fast you can relax your hole.
      The depends situation doesn’t seem to be backed up with any scientific data . It’s mostly anecdotal i.e. Someone heard from a friend who heard it from a friend

  11. Gay people have taken so much, too much from straight couple, the top is the man and the bottom is the woman, no wonder why folks still asking who is the man and who woman in the relationship. bottoms have to be preserved, they can’t be damaged good, they have to live thinking about wolf approval. When your ass is too loose you must be a hoe, but who knows how many holes he put your dick in? I mean i don’t know my “asshole type” lol (but i guess since i have hard time take big dicks…) but it’s what it’s and you will deal. if my ass ain’t good enough for you your dick ain’t good enough for me, boy bye. I say as long as your ass is healthy it’s a good ass no matter how loose or tigh it’s, fuck who you wanna fuck when you wanna fuck. if someone doen’t want you because you’re “too used”, remind them your not a car, and their body count is probably higher than your so…

  12. The issue isn’t tops and bottoms. You can be free and still a dick has to be inserted into one of your holes. If not you are two lesbians rubbing up
    against each other. The issue is health and how your body handles taking a lot of dicks. It’s common sense that over time that causes a lot of wear and tear on your butthole.

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