Lips on Ass Crime In The New Black Survival Guide


now i’ve never been one to kiss ass.
it could be one of the reasons others say i’m so genuine.
i’ve seen so many of my black counterparts do it at different jobs.
as soon as anyone white walks in the room,
they start to put on a whole new persona.
before they was talking about “collard greens and chicken”

…and suddenly they eat quiche and caviar.
it’s so weird to me.
just the day before we was talking about “queen sugar” or “empire”,
but when i see them in halls with the snow animals,
and i’ll get no response to a wave or head nod.
it’s like i’m the “jlo” to their “mariah”:

vrytd4f-imgur-wurqpgwhen that happens,
i make sure i don’t know you ever going forward.
what you see is definitely what you’ll get from me.
i don’t turn on or off nothing.
why try to be something i’m not?
i’ve lived a life trying to be accepted by everyone and i’m done.

something went down and i was partly blamed for it.
the funny part is,
i didn’t even know what was happening.
my new black co worker fucked up some important paper work.
instead of he take the “L”,
he tried to bring me into it.
if i didn’t have my receipts in emails,
i would have looked like a complete unprofessional ass.
i’ve been told by many that this particular co worker likes to lie.
he will lie on you just to make himself look good to the snow animals.
i see why my boss loves him.
my boss pretty much depends on him for everything.
he will still be there once we all get laid off.
his ass kissing worked for something.
needless to say,
the day was a complete mess and didn’t end very well.

honestly speaking,
i can’t wait until this job ends.
i was supposed to be laid off a while ago,
but i still keep on proving what a good worker i am.
we are all being used until it’s time to go.
at this point,
i want to leave the company because my trust is completely broken.
my “last” day will be the day i exhale.
tumblr_nodc458w8f1s4r0jqo1_250as i was leaving to go home ysterday,
i saw the ceo wolf in the lobby.
his eyes lit up when he saw me.
he told me he has been busy,
but he hasn’t forgotten.
he has to turn his attention on his company right now.
he told me these next two months are an important one.
he also said he is looking for a role for me.
i’m patient,
but nervous.
you can’t rush a new beginning.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Lips on Ass Crime In The New Black Survival Guide”

  1. I will say this, it’s normal too act a certain way according the circumtances. I mean you don’t eat at a dinner with co-workers the way you eat at home or with friends, you don’t talk as trash as you do with friends or family. You don’t act at home or at a friend’s house the way you would act if you’re invited to the white hous or at buckingham. But the things go wrong when you start to pretend. Pretend to be something you are not, pretend to like or dislike things just to fit in. That’s jus too much. I can fix my act for a place but i can’t fix me. I would just be a different me but still me. i don’t know if that makes any sense. Like no matter where, i will always be a Bey stan lol i don’t care if i’m in a room full of utter machos, i would not be as queen as i can be with my friends (and i swear i can be very sterotypical), but i would still be a proud member of the beyhive. I know it’s a silly example but that’s it. i’ve a friend you could die for rihanna, but ass soon as we’re with other people the boy become the biggest OG ever who only listens to “true” rap, or another one who loves to lie that he’s into jazz and classic. I’m always like “who the hell are you people???”. Bur for real i think you can still be you but act different ways according to the place and the situation.

    1. @Louis….yes, you can be “trashy” all the time, but “classy” when it’s needed!
      I usually wear sweaters/sweater vests with a button-down collar shirt and dress slacks, but when the occasion calls, like when I do presentations or have to go to lunch/dinner engagements, I put on the suit and tie. My co-workers like to accuse me of coming around them looking “regular” but I tell them don’t get it twisted…I know how to “clean up” when the situation presents itself. Lol

  2. Yeah I try to get along with everyone but I don’t intentionally kiss butt to do it. I actually get very nervous trying to pay a compliment to anyone I don’t know too well. But your work is clearly speaking your value in itself. Besides God still has you at this jib b/c there may not be the perfect position made just for you open at this exact moment but you still got bills to pay. And you don’t need to dip into that savings just yet and can in fact keep it growing. Just remember that when they try to break that foxy spirit of yours. There’s always a plan at work.

    1. What you say about complimenting is very interesting. I have no problem giving compliments, but the narrow minded people I deal with think a person is hitting on them. I once told a guy that I liked the cologne he had on and if he could tell me the name of it. He thought about it for a second, smirked and said not interested. I said please don’t take this the wrong way, but that was in no way, shape or form a come on. It was only to ask you the name of your cologne because as you put it…I’m not interested.
      That smirk disappeared REAL fast. I got the name of the cologne too. LMAO

  3. That’s good to hear! Honestly I’ve been in the same boat as you and I’ve learned not to let it get to you. God works in mysterious ways and when my back was against the wall SOMEHOW things managed to work out. Glad ur not on the petty immature shit I’ve been seeing lately.

  4. Oh no! I will never kiss ass or throw anyone on the bus. If you like my job performance, that’s cool, but I am not going to be doing anyone extra. Hopefully, the CEO guy comes through for you tho.

  5. I don’t play office politics and my co-workers know it. I have no problem putting someone in check if they try to make me look bad…and they have tried. Bases are ALWAYS covered. Some of them don’t care for me, because I’m outspoken, but I let them know…I’m here to work, not make friends.
    Did I mention they can’t stand me?! Lol

  6. I don’t know if you watch that new show on HBO called insecure but it touches on being black working in a white environment. What you mentioned in this post is definitely shown (hilariously) on the show.

    You are a good worker and that shows when you do leave they’re not going to know what to do with themselves.

    P.S. Still praying the CEO got you

      1. J, I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror if I kissed ass like I see most people do. It’s degrading for one, and those that did achieve what they set out to do at the cost of friendships/office relationships, generally turn out to be miserable. Like I told one guy, you wanted to hang with the big boys…be careful what you wish for. Even though he was promoted (even though he didn’t know shyt) it was clear that he was promoted to be the “place-mat” for those higher than him. He was given the stuff they didn’t want to do, and he didn’t know how to do things without asking for help from the people he stepped on. He eventually left after he started stressing out so much, and messing up big projects.

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