Let’s Do It With The Windows Open

as much as i love a nice downtown loft or apartment,
i am weary of big windows.
sometimes when you’re walking ( x the highline ) in new yawk,
you can see right inside folk’s cribs.
some like the voyeurism.
i like a curtain.
well a foxholer sent me a video of a couple having sex.
it was recorded from everyone outside their window tho…

it good for them!

i know some of those straight wolves were tite af.
some were secretly aroused,
but that’s another story.

lowkey: i love watching folks having sex like that tho.
something like ( x this ).

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Let’s Do It With The Windows Open”

  1. They were getting it in lol, hell I would have pulled the blinds and kept going.

    P.S. Some Asian countries like Japan has some of the hottest gay porn.

  2. Yezz..I guess gay sex is officially mainstream. Them straights were hollering like it was a boxing match going at it.love the irony and good social experiment indeed!

  3. LOL @ the end

    I was JUST telling one of my vixen coworkers how I’ve been having this urge to watch a couple get down, gay or str8. I choked when she asked if I wanted to watch her and her dude go at it and I’m sure she was serious

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