i’m obsessed.
you know when i like something,
i have to tell the foxhole.
i don’t think i’ve worn a hat on my head since 2013.
i was all about fitteds back then,
especially a yankees fitted,
but i grew tired of them.
i’ve been rocking various dad hats.
i love how they look on me.
what’s a dad hat?

“A dad hat is a baseball cap that’s canvas or cotton and has a slightly curved brim (not too curved, though) and is probably a little oversized on the wearer.”

they usually have a graphic or a word on them.
i want the one up top with “daddy” on it.

i’d love my wolf to wear the “daddy” hat,
but that’s another story.
i like the curve on the brim,
rather than with a fitted.
don’t dare bend the brim of one of those.
tremaine has been rocking them lately:


…and i actually ended up getting the dark pink one like he has.
i’d say the dad hat is the new foxhole obsession for the summer.
they literally go with any outfit you plan on rockin.

x urban outfitters
x h&m
x zara

sidebar: it doesn’t matter WHERE you get your shit from.
as long as you look good in it.
there is always a jackal who comes on the foxhole:

i only get my stuff hand crafted from Jesus himself.
i don’t do regular stores.”

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “THINGS A FOX LIKES: The Dad Hat”

  1. These are the only kind of hats i wear (and visors so my hair can stick out), the dad hat fits my style to a T. I could never pull off a fitted, they were always to big for my face.

  2. Like a Pick up truck is a Louisiana Cadillac, These caps are a Louisiana Stetson Hat..They are so popular they are a main give a way for most contest.. I have 6 that I Treasure..I really like them too!

  3. I have fitted caps and I think I have a daddy hat and I look well in both..Though in Lousiana, the humidity is a mess, so until they have one with a built in humidifier, I’d wear one in the morning and evening only.

    Personally, for some reason I’ve been on a bandana and fedora fashion blend and I’ve adopted this style because it looks sophisticatedly edgy and if you get to hot, lift the fedora and let the bandana be a light sweat band . Couple that with the fact that I have my ears pierced with white or gold studs.

    I have purple so far, and I expect to get yellow, white, black, blue and red. They work insanely well with a nice fitted vest or slim fit shirts and blue jeans or dress pants for outings and you get to show off a little of your physique in a style I call “Clexy” which is a combination of Classy & Sexy.

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