legend and queen, cicely tyson, has gone home

some people you think will be immortal and live on forever.
cicely tyson was one of those actresses for me.
even in her older age,
she was still giving us that work in front of that camera.

i enjoyed her role as annalise keating’s mama on “how to get away with murder“.

when someone has lived a full life of accomplishments at such an old age,
we need to see it as a blessing.
many don’t get a chance to live that long.

we lost our black legend and queen,
cicely tyson,

she was 96 years old.
what’s crazy is she dropped her memoirs two days ago too.

cicely was a pioneer in this industry as a black actress.
she opened the doors for many to get a chance to sit at the table.
i’m saddened to hear about her passing,
but it was a blessing to be able to enjoy the mark she left on this world.
she will live on within her work and be an inspiration for generations to come.
i’m glad she was handed her flowers while she was alive to receive them.

thank you cicely for all that you contributed and inspired.
rest in power queen.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “legend and queen, cicely tyson, has gone home”

  1. I just watched an interview she did with Gayle King and Gayle asked her something like when the time comes how do you want to be remembered and she responded, “I’ve done my best.”❤

  2. They’re saying natural causes. I cried as I knew her personally. My Grandmother loved her and I was raised seeing her all my life so it felt like a Death in the family. Death of an Era if you will. As all the ancestors transition it just begs me to ask ‘what will our legacy be on this Earth. What will the generation of today impart on the future? Rest in Power Queen

    1. Wow maybe that’s why this death is affecting me so much because my mother and grandmothers were big fans of hers and they’ve all passed on.She is one of the few black actresses who has been around my entire life.Thanks for sharing that perspective❤.

  3. She was a great actress and didn’t have to degrade herself in the roles that she played.

    Rest in Heaven Ms. Tyson.

  4. I was LITERALLY googling her on like Monday! I cannot remember what made me think of & google her, but I just remember seeing her age and thinking “Wow this woman has LIVED” I was looking at her filmography on Wikipedia & everything! Truly a legend! I’m sure she was called home by Natural causes, RIP Queen!

  5. My dear sweet Ms. Tyson,

    Thank you so much for showing that being black is indeed beautiful. I pray that her loved ones find peace and thank them for sharing her with us.

  6. A brilliant actress that has graced the big screen in many iconic roles. Ms.Tyson was a trailblazer of her time. One of my favorites was Miss Jane Pittman.

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