if you don’t bow to this nfl neanderthal, he will try to kill you

we don’t get mental evaluations with those we date.
we only find out they’re crazy when they show their bat shit craziness.
ex-nfl baller hyena for the seahawks,
chad wheeler,
is in need of a mental evaluation.
the media wasn’t covering what he did to his black girlfriend,
but social media made sure to get this story moving…

not that she wouldn’t bow to him!!!!!!
this statement tho:

he needs to be locked up from the general public.
he is insane and according to “cnn“:

Now-former Seahawks player Chad Wheeler was arrested Friday on suspicion of felony domestic violence after an incident at a residence in a Seattle suburb, police and court records say.

The incident began at around 9:44 p.m. PT in Kent, Washington, according to Kent Police Department Assistant Chief Jarod Kasner.

According to court documents, prosecutors said, “(Wheeler) viciously attacked the victim in her bedroom, strangling her at times with both hands.” Wheeler is also accused of strangling the victim twice until she lost consciousness.

The victim texted friends, her family and Wheeler’s father to call 911, according to the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and police officers who arrived forced entry after hearing her screaming inside. An officer attempted to use a Taser to subdue Wheeler “with little effect.”

Wheeler faces charges of first-degree domestic violence assault, domestic violence unlawful imprisonment and resisting arrest. He will enter a plea at his arraignment, scheduled for February 9.

i thought his white privilege would save him.
thank God this isn’t the case.
i was asking myself why would he do this with an nfl career.

If someone is crazy af,
their crazy af don’t care about the life they got.

i hope his girlfriend has a full recovery and sues his ass for good measure.

article cc: cnn

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “if you don’t bow to this nfl neanderthal, he will try to kill you”

  1. Where is this sista family, uncles…brothers…father…shut anyone. My family would be damn if that happened, let alone from a white man at that. I got family members right now willing to pull up on a ex because he owes me money. This is unacceptable. The shit some women put up with and apparently this wasn’t the first time either.

    And the statement from the NFL was some real bullshit…talking about the help he needs to get. FOH. Someone needs to visit a prison and be made into someone’s bitch or a simple bullet to the head. I’m fucking triggered. 😡😡😡 I have guns in my house in secret compartments all around for shit like this. No

  2. Very sad. Injustice is real. Interesting how she damn near looks white in her made up photo: light makeup with powder, contoured, long blonde straight wig/weave, filter to soften and lighten everything. That image juxtaposed with her victim of abuse image is telling. Black women are sometimes forced to totally change their image to survive, but hopefully this lady got a wake up call that no matter how you try to change your image, you’ll already be black with black hair, black skin, and black features. Love yourself and then you can command real love towards you!

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