Kerry Rhodes Has A Girlfriend Now

139125802840ad965712according to mto.
you know they tend to be sketchy.
anyway kerry is allegedly dating actress whitney cummings.
everyone congratulate the happy couple.
fake_smileremind me to take him off my “to do” list.
listen i don’t blame her.
do you see him and that body of his?
get that black pipe snow bunny!

Author: jamari fox

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17 thoughts on “Kerry Rhodes Has A Girlfriend Now”

      1. Don’t belive anything on MTO,last month they claimed Lupita’s brother was her boyfriend.BTW her name is Whitney not Whitey

      2. Im not on twitter I wonder if Peanut will have an epic meltdown’ This might be true about Whitney it was talked about on Chelsea Handler in December,her dating Big Black guy or “BBC”(my words)

    1. Like any of us stood a chance anyway. We were not even eligible to participate in the race. Masc. men aren’t his type bro. I’m def. too masc for him, I knew I couldn’t have him.

      1. I agree MAN.Kerry likes the feminine(obviously) gay men.Kerry might be bisexual but we all know when men are outed as gay, they run to the first piece of girl-meat they can find so they can go “look at me with this woman, see, I’m not gay.”

        Kerry is probably afraid to touch another man.Peanut ruined a good thing for the next one.

      2. I am over the sexuality situation, the peanut situation…etc. I am completely done with this, no comment on his girl in his lap. I wish him luck and I am focused on mine.

        However, I will make this point. Masculine men are angry over not being chose over fem, but they fail to understand if they were not the man’s type, they NEVER stood a chance to begin with, period. You are NOT what he wants, let it go. My Aunt always tells me, I wouldn’t want someone who doesn’t want me, and I absolutely agree with that. I am not going to change for a man, sell myself out, or pretend to be something I am not to please a man. He will have to find what he wants elsewhere because I am not changing. I love who I am and others do too. I know this from experience.

  1. “Masculine men are angry over not being chose over fem”

    Masculine men get 99% of the attention. Stop being greedy. Besides, what happened to dating someone for their personality?

    I wish Kerry happiness. Maybe he feels that a woman appreciates him better.

  2. “Never stoood a chance?” Am I the only wolf who can want some snow bunny on Monday, a queenie fox on Tuesday and still have a taste for some butch, masculine meat on Wednesday? There is a reason Baskin Robbins serves more than one flavor. Don’t consign the brotha to a narrow box based on Peanut.

    1. The point of the comment was to make the point that everyone has a certain type. This is not about what Kerry likes, period. I could care less at this point. I am speaking in general. People do not understand why they pick these guys, which is a flaw in their way of thinking. That is the point I was making. People NEED to be ok with the fact that they are not someone’s type all the time. These dudes out here thinking that every masculine man wants another masculine man, but this is not the case, which we have talked about several times. Some like fellow masc. dudes, some like fem dudes, and some like both. The statement I made is true, some people do not stand with some. People have to get that through their skulls. I have seen instances where people on here have whinnied about getting not getting chose over the fem guys, or thinking they are losing to other ethnic groups. I can dig in the archives and find proof. I know what I am talking about, it happens everywhere though. You can’t say everyone likes a variety of types, but yet everyone always says that on the dating sites all they see is “masc only,” “light skin only,” “no black men,” and “must be in shape.” What is that if that isn’t people wanting a certain type? Find me ten or fifteen dudes who likes fem, masculine, trannies, and transsexuals at the same time. Don’t be oblivious to the truth bro. I know everyone has different types, but do not be naive to the fact that some people have one type and one type only. That is where the issue lies. I only like one type race wise, not because I am racist or nothing, only because no other race other than black can deal with me. I have a strong personality, I am opinionated and outspoken at times. I am a handful. What man could handle that but a black one? LOL

  3. I have a question for y’all. If you had the choice between a million dollars or being in a long-term relationship with Kerry Rhodes – which would you choose?

    1. A million dollars hands down. Kerry is prob a good guy, but I do not prefer athletes, and I need that money. Paul George is the ONLY athlete that….I might I see myself in a long-term relationship with. Y’all know I love that dude lol. That wasn’t him with that girl in the hotel either. Yea….I found out who it really was lol.

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