The Only Hoe In The Crib For One-Foh

SUPERHOEso this weekend,
the hoes are out in full force in the city.
they got their income tax checks,
hair got did,
make up done,
“cum fuck me” heels have been polished,
long hours of practicing how to perfect fire twerks from youtube videos,
and now its time to secure an 18 year check

tumblr_my15ybcTPQ1r55j58o1_500when baller wolves come to new york for big events,
they tend to get really messy with the hoes.
this hoe here how-evah…
shiiiiiiit ima be in the crib.
as much as i’d love to fuck a baller wolf this weekend,
jamari fox just don’t have the time.
this is NOT the weekend to meet a baller wolf to be taken seriously.
you will be out numbered.
the city literally smells like expensive dreams and wet pussy.

RQPGk18unless you work close to the teams,
have access behind the scenes,
or know a few celeb d/l friends,
do NOT attend any STRAIGHT parties in hopes of landing a baller wolf.
if you want to attend the parties to have fun,
then go right ahead.
the prices of everything will be jacked,
but observing the thirsty is always entertaining.
if anyone gets any good f-bi investigative work,
please send me an email.
i’d love to post what you saw.

tumblr_mxd80iPZwp1sk9g6ao1_r1_400x link to all the parties happening this weekend

lowkey: …guess who is in my fine city ready to fuck it up?

466259187i hear biebz is our real competition.

x read more on justin in new yawk

6 thoughts on “The Only Hoe In The Crib For One-Foh

      1. No problems holmes, i know its not much but hopefully it can stretch for long lasting basic things

  1. “as much as i’d love to fuck a baller wolf this weekend, jamari fox just don’t have the time.” LMAO…Jamari kept it all the way real, and I know he was serious about that too lol.

    I bet people are up there trying to get broke off in more ways then one. Them hoes are going undercover like police officers in plain cars.They are ready and willing to do anything and everything for some lil change, not surprised. I heard them big rollers pay up to 50,000 a trick, yup. That sounds tempting to me, not gonna lie. I’m thinking about them loans I’m gonna have to pay back lol. That is money a lot of people do not make in a year. Talk about fast money. I’m good tho.

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