I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (64)

the class clown hyena.
we had/have them when we were in school.
they don’t grow up and try it at work.
sometimes we are that hyena.
well the following is a class clown hyena letting his teacher have it

….and i bet you he the type to mess with all the dl in his school.
they say they don’t want “messy”,
but he is the example of what will out you when he mad.

i don’t really find this funny.
what was so hard for him to get his tail up?
did he have to go off on her?
typical hyena shit.

i was cool with someone like this in high school.
he was straight tho.
he loved to act up and be that class clown hyena.
well one day he was really flexin in class.
what he did know was his father snuck in and was sitting in the back.
the teacher wanted his dad to see why he wasn’t passing his classes.
when he turned around and saw his dad posted up,
you woulda thought he saw a ghost.

he told me his father whooped his ass stupid that night.
he was never the class clown hyena again.
someone call that class clown hyena in that video’s parents.
i’m sure he would cut all that extra shit out.

lowkey: why everyone out here acting like they on some reality show reunion?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (64)”

  1. Smdh…u couldn’t pay me enough to teach these damn kids these days…it wouldn’t matter if all teaching jobs started in the 6 figs, cause I couldn’t spend it the way I would prefer in prison.

    1. Exactly. Every time I think about going into teaching after I put in my 20, I’m reminded of shit like this. But this is a typical high school queen acting out for laughs and much needed attention & acceptance.

      1. Kind of remind me of that one kween about eating rice and cabbage and all of that. Now she wants to be the HFIC (head faggot in charge).

  2. That’s why where i come from it’s ok for teacher to whoop students ass, not too hard but still, we know we can’t talk like this. That’s parents fault, always telling their children or so special they’re, how they own the world. Bitch my mama always told me “you ain’t special at all, there are billion of people just like you, it’s your hard work that will set you apart”

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