So Markeith Rivers Has NOT Been Shot?

markeith rivers being shot and on life support has become “the story”.
there are two very opposing sides.
some loved what he was doing.
they say he was like “batman of outing the dl”.
then there were others who thinks he wrote checks he couldn’t cash.
i am part of the latter.
a random tweet was sent to me and…

…is this really a publicity stunt?
like a celeb?
i don’t see anything with him name on google.
is markeith even his real name?
the questions.
so i went to the twitter and saw this:

this scandal has now become a mystery.
if this is a “publicity stunt”,
it isn’t a very good one.
it has brought major attention to what he was doing.
the forests are starting to talk about his past and where he really stays.
i read they shot up his mama house in the past and he didn’t even care.
he allegedly said:

“i don’t care.
i don’t stay there.”

that was some of ya’ll “hero”?

if this is all a hoax,
his “dl” witch hunting career may also be on life support pretty soon.

lowkey: maybe markeith is trying to kill off this persona he has created?
you know…
symbolism ‘n’ shit.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “So Markeith Rivers Has NOT Been Shot?

  1. I already figured that was the case when I couldn’t find any news articles that corroborated the story when I google searched his awful sounding name….

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