jeremiah harvey would have been the next emmett till

emmett till

if this was back in the 50s,
the following story would have been the sequel to emmett till.
a story which disturbed me still.
thank GOD for phones and security cameras.

as you heard in bk,
an insane snow she-jackal accused a young black cub,
by the name of jeremiah harvey,
of grabbing her ass.
she ended up calling the hunters on him in this viral video:

she ended up looking stupid.
she had to be shown it was his bag that brushed up against her.
well jeremiah has gone viral and isn’t so forgiving.
i loved his response via “abc news”

Jeremiah Harvey

With tears streaming down his cheeks, a 9-year-old black child spoke out at a community meeting in New York about being wrongly accused of grabbing a white woman’s backside in a corner store — an incident disproved by security-camera footage.

With his mother standing beside him, Jeremiah Harvey delivered a simple message at the community meeting: “Friendship is really the key.”

Following the meeting, Jeremiah told ABC New York station WABC that he does not accept Klein’s apology.

“I don’t forgive this woman, and she needs help,” he said.

he even had a full interview about it as well:

this story has legs and everyone is on their side.
by the time i was done with her,
she would be living on skid row.
i’m glad they didn’t get loud or try to fight her.
it went viral and they went in the direction of “ruin the bitch”.

you’re doing amazing sweetie.

jeremiah will probably need therapy.
the way how he was crying broke my heart.
imagine thinking he was gonna be taken away from his mom?
i’m tearing up for him.
i can just imagine just how traumatized he is.
he’ll be haunted by this moment for the rest of his life.

lowkey: i loved how the community came together for him.
when we work together,
it’s always love.

article cc: abc news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “jeremiah harvey would have been the next emmett till”

  1. I HATE that his mother “forgave” that evil woman. You forgive someone stealing your stapler. NOT LYING ON YOUR FLESH AND BLOOD! Your SON!! HE COULD HAVE DIED! GONE TO JUVENILE DETENTION AND BEEN RAPED/TORTURED!!
    I am not excusing these devils and need us to start speaking up. Is anybody from #MeToo(started by a Black Woman) forgiving? Do Rape Survivors forgive? Domestic Violence?

    1. ^ “I HATE that his mother “forgave” that evil woman. You forgive someone stealing your stapler. NOT LYING ON YOUR FLESH AND BLOOD! Your SON!! HE COULD HAVE DIED! GONE TO JUVENILE DETENTION AND BEEN RAPED/TORTURED!!”

      this is the part that is very sad when i think about it.
      that boy’s whole future could have been snatched.

  2. I commend the mother for forgiving. It takes a REAL STRONG person to forgive someone that has wronged them Jamari, remember that.

    That poor baby boy, I almost cried looking at him and the picture of Emmit, hold my heart.

    But ya know, if they will do it to a little boy, imagine what will happen to a grown man. These days, a woman can setup you up, even if you are gayer than Richard Simmons on a rainbow Unicorn, if you don’t have any evidence to prove your innocence, it’s all fair game and your behind is grass.

    Forgiveness is hard because we are trained to retaliate. If someone hates you without cause don’t give them your energy. Ignore them and move on. The worst feeling in the world to a human is the feeling of being ignored.

    Now if they put they hands on you whoop they a$$ but you get what I’m saying.

    1. ^ “But ya know, if they will do it to a little boy, imagine what will happen to a grown man. These days, a woman can setup you up, even if you are gayer than Richard Simmons on a rainbow Unicorn, if you don’t have any evidence to prove your innocence, it’s all fair game and your behind is grass.”

      you hit the nail on the head.
      gay males have to be careful with certain vixens.
      you are right on forgiving,
      although it can be very hard.
      i tend to move on after i’m done being angry.
      i don’t hold grudges,
      but i won’t forget how ive been wronged.

      the mother should absolutely sue that demon tho.

      1. No doubt. Sue her for all she is worth. I mentioned women and forgot to mention that straight males will do it too to make you seem like some predatory gay pervert trying to rob them of their manhood.

  3. Meritorious Manumission: was a legal act of freeing an enslaved African for good deeds as defined by the national public policy. It could be granted to an enslaved African who distinguished himself by saving the life of the white master, inventing a new medicine or snitching on fellow slaves.

    I think we must delve deeper as to why forgiveness and forgiving Teresa Klein, the white woman at the center of the controversy, is so detrimental to the Black community. 1 forgiveness has to have context; it’s one thing to forgive your mother because she didn’t attend your junior high school recital and now you’re 50 years old and holding on to something, its something entirely different to expect forgiveness from a traumatic event and to do it almost instantaneously, I mean we’re talking less than 2 weeks; get real.

    Let’s talk about the racial for a minute

    No one goes to Fred Goldman and ask whether he forgives OJ Simpson and 24 years later the fact remains that he doesn’t, and he stands by that, no one goes to John Walsh (host of America’s Most Wanted) and ask whether he forgives the killer of his son Adam Walsh and the fact is 37 years later he doesn’t. You must ask yourself at some point if white people are supposed to be Christians, why is there no push to have them forgive any and every transgression formed against them and then by extension why are black people expected to forgive any and every transgression and to do it quickly. At the beginning I briefly talked about meritorious manumission to show that this behavior has been instilled and breed into our lives through the centuries and we have to break this cycle, we must hold our media accountable it should be unacceptable to ask Philando Castile’s mother if she forgives the officer who killed her son before she has the chance to burry him, it should be unacceptable to ask a person who’s been freed after 30 years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit if he forgives on day one of his release, and it should be unacceptable to ask 9 year old Jeremiah Harvey if he forgives Teresa Klein before he has spent 1 hour with a counselor.

    Why the conversation of forgiveness is problem for the Black Community

    The conversation of forgiveness is problematic because it takes all the air out of the room and diverts attention away from what we should be talking about. In this era of #MeToo there is currently a narrative being pushed that women should just be believed when they make an accusation this story run contrary to that but instead of having that conversation we’re talking about forgiveness. Let’s say that Jeremiah had actually grabbed Teresa, what are the maximum consequences he could’ve faced and would they be appropriate for a 9 year old or any juvenile for that matter because as we speak there are a lot of children/young people being forced to register on sex offender registries for minor infractions but we’re talking about forgiveness. Does anyone even know the case of Quintez Cephus that is currently going on right now, I’m assuming no because we’re talking about forgiveness. What’s also sad here is the fact that he and the mother didn’t have to accept the apology and that is reasonable and perfectly human and its clear that they were pressured to accept it.

  4. As a side note I would also like to add that forgiveness in this case is problematic because it lets Teresa of the hook. All because you maybe mental unstable or suffer from some sort of mental illness doesn’t mean that you’re not dangerous and people like Teresa are very dangerous. By accepting the apology and bestowing forgiveness you give this person other opportunities to terrorize the community, today it wasn’t Jeremiah Harvey and that God for that, but what’s going to stop Teresa from accusing somebody else’s son.

  5. This just reinforces the long sordid history of the US and slavery. If the Mayflower brought over the scourge of Europe (thieves, murderers and prostitutes) and the way they did Natives Americans then going to Africa to take people to work for them for free as property, then what can we really expect? The systematic enslavement within the justice system of people of color and the blatant racism now showing up in every avenue of America. The US ranks highest among developed countries for prison population, infant mortality. Voter suppression is rampant…look at Georgia. The voter purge took over 100k people off the list and 70% are black. The very man over voting is the very man running for governor against a black challenger Abrams. People for years have not held district attorneys, and attorney generals accountable. These 2 offices have more power over the judicial system than most think. They hold the lone decision on whether to proceed with a charge or not. The war on drugs only has been a war on black and brown. For profit prisons need bodies period and Republicans hold the stocks so do the math. The whole crack cocaine vs. powder cocaine model for sentencing was a complete atrocity. Slavery would still be legal if they could get away with it and in some parts of the world it still is. This rash of “calling the police on blacks” for any frivolous reason just goes back to the time when we were lynched because some white person felt like it. Sorry for the rant but being woke means being informed. Yes this would have gotten Jeremiah lynched. I can remember the name of the young man but there was a case in some southern state where a young boy of 12 I think was accused of the same thing and they gave him candy and told him he could go home if he confessed, then they tried him and executed him. A lynching museum now exists in Birmingham as a somber reminder of the past atrocities of the US relative to lynching. From 1877 to 1950s, they have been able to document 4400 cases which happened in Southern states and the reasons…looking at a white woman, eye contact with a white person, wanting another job, helping other blacks, saying no to white man, owning land, learning how to read, having a black church, going to school, etc. Can you believe some places used to publicize a lynching and made them a town event? I encourage everyone if you are in Birmingham AL go visit, Lestor Holt from NBC found one of his ancestor’s name there and he was moved while doing the story on the museum. As well the African American museum in DC which is part of Smithsonian. Powerful…

  6. and your comment speaks volumes. People DIED for the right to be treated equally, to vote, to live their lives and not be degraded by a common word…and that word is thrown around today so frivolously and casually. So much so that other races call one another the same…that word is Nigger.
    How can we expect to be treated better by others when we can’t even take care of ourselves and try to bring ourselves up. Instead we look to tear one another down and play the fool.
    Education is key. We need our young kids (boys AND girls) to visit these museums you speak of (I’m sure for many it wouldn’t do any good) and we need them to wake up and want better.

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