jada pinkett-smith drops a “yeah, we kinda knew” facebook status alert

this is my favorite picture of the smith family.
it shows all of their different personalities in this shot.
jada pinkett-smith dropped a bombshell today for ( x people magazine ).

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith Been Separated Since 2016


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i mean,
it was pretty obvious

Will has been out here traveling the world and living his best life
Jada has been obsessed with a ghost named Pac
The rumors of them being in an open relationship

don’t even get me started on the situationship debacle.


I feel like A LOT of people are doing this.

i know a few who are doing this.
many people are in relationships that suck donkey balls.
they are only together for bills,
and cute posts for social media.
if you pay attention,
you can tell they are simply just existing together.
once i hear the words “open relationship“,
i know whatever they got going on is over.
so we the public ask:

Why just not divorce?
Why just not break up?
Why still be tied to someone you don’t want to deal with anymore?

i don’t it’s that easy.
i think people are comfortable and don’t want to start over.
dating can be a nightmare these days.
tia mowry,
who is newly divorced,
just talked about this too.

not only that,
we have to realize too:

WE created a society where people choose to lie.
WE created a society many aren’t being honest.
WE created a society that feeds off of narc behavior.

remember how we jump down people’s throats?
so people are gonna play pretend because it’s easier and comfortable.

Kinda like that one vixen who knows her sexy personal trainer cheats but she ( x ain’t going nowhere )
Kinda like the countless gays in open relationships or attending sex parties ( too many to name )

i don’t know if that is the smith issue,
as i like to think one party wasn’t really into the other party all like that,
but even that is the truth for many people today.
many people are not compatible and chose to settle to play house.

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  1. Yt ppl so behind the 8Ball and lame. They both said this on Red Table Talk when they brought up AA and situationship. I know we have a short attention span only remembering 2-3 years you need to try to think 4-5 years ago.

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