some of my foxholers are power baggin’ some of these “straights” (allegedly)

Many of us don’t realize what a shift in power dynamics looks like.
One minute are on top and the next,
we are on the bottom and hurting because of it.

 i finally had my “a-ha” moment.
the foxhole taught me what that looks like.
so i’m gonna be 100 with you:

Many of my Foxholers are smashing/have smashed many of the males we lust after.

from attentionistos to the “straight” personal trainers.
i’ve seen me the sex clips,
the “after sex” pictures,
and the “oh so he isn’t straight” messages.
there is a common theme when i font to some of ya’ll…

You know your power

no matter how fine he is or status he has,
you already know what works because you “does this”.

These Foxholers aren’t in the comment section
These Foxholers aren’t sending unsolicited nudes
These Foxholers aren’t begging for sex
These Foxholers aren’t buying 2 second videos off OF

i realized my own power just recently.
 a “straight” gym wolf hit me up and allegedly:

…but that is how it has always been,
even when i was a younger fox.
as insecure as i was,
i was subconsciously baggin’ wolves i was legit attracted to.
my power was i didn’t know so i appeared that i didn’t care.
it allowed them to look into me and feel out my energy.

when i started looking and acting like i cared,
that is when the shift of power changed.
i wanna to font about this more because i feel like i’ve woken tf up.
 i’m gonna give YOU some homework tho:

I want you to observes someone in your real life (not celebs) that you admire.
I want you to take a real deep dive into what it is you really admire about them.
How do they move?
How do they handle the same/opposite sex that you really like?

i bet they have the same traits the foxholers have.
we are gonna deep dive into this more.

13 thoughts on “some of my foxholers are power baggin’ some of these “straights” (allegedly)

  1. I highly doubt these “straight” DL men are consenting to record sex clips and “after sex pictures” the Gay men who do this without the other party being aware are so fucking weird.

    And isn’t it exhausting af playing the dl game with these dudes? I’m to grown for the “blues clues” games. Either you say Wasup too me or vice versa and we go from there. I’m not pressed enough to be in the gym trying to figure out who’s staring, why and hopping on grindr too see if they 200 ft away lmao it’s just too much, just work out bro.

    1. This! I got no problem messing w a dude who’s still closeted, but I’m not putting in extra effort to make you comfortable to trust that I’m not into outing nigas.

      I work out and mind my business.

  2. What I will say is that bball wives Orlando proves that you don’t have to be a dime to bag a baller.

  3. This is so true. I had been eyeing this fine black dude at my gym with a wife at home for months. He hit me up without a face pic on an app at while the gym. He never showed a face pic. True DL. But I figured it out. The rest is history. I still can’t believe it happened. I thought it only happened on porn.

  4. This is so interesting. I honestly never attempt to even look at the gymbro wolf because it just never gave that it was even a possibility that we’d be sexually compatible for a moment- but reading stuff like this and thinking about the way Beefcake hunter can pull gorgeous men and entice them so much they not only want head from him but go way above and beyond the pale for multiple visits even it tells me that I can internalize that I don’t have to look like what I desire to get it, I just have to feel and act like it’s not above me and that if I want it I can have it and I can set the terms of engagement by deciding I’m worthy and I’d be fine with or without it. Love this read Jamari.

    1. Beefcake hunter’s money is long enough to py for what he wants. And when ur dealing w a bunch of Florida meth heads, it’s prob not exactly pulling teeth to get them to take cash for allowing you to worship them for an hour or 2.

      1. The thing is most of those men aren’t meth heads and originally are just there to get some head for a few hundred bucks. There are those who do just that and very much don’t want to be there and it goes no further, the times when it does is when the men who are conscious and coherent want it to.

        Like evidence of the masc gorgeous type of going for what Is viewed as less than is all out there, from the men who cheat on beautiful wives with women who couldn’t even be in the same room with them, or the fact that so many gym bro men like Big Girls, or that so many mega ballers like trans girls that don’t give fish. This passage and so much else is here to tell us that anyone could have the gorgeous man they want, (for a night or two) and the standards we are told we don’t meet don’t really matter to these so called out of our league men if you have the confidence and energy and both wanna get laid.

        1. He’s had a few gems here and there, but stop playin. 90% of those dudes are drugged out. None of them are there because they’re dying to link w Hunter. They’re all hard up for money. Yall be in fantasy land out here.

  5. And surprise..when they give you their number and surprise…they are now on your suggested friends and follows feed…then you see the family photos

  6. if I could tell how I got 2 married men in my neighborhood dropping hints that they don’t just wanna come over to watch football..they wanna watch porn want their balls handled because some wives only schedule sex once a month.

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