Is This Proof Spanish Guys Are Racist?

underlinewho knew people were paying attention to that discussion lindo and i were having?
well an f-bi sent in an email with proof about how spanish wolves do “us” on a chat site.
i mean this is just one out of many,
but is there an exception to the rule?
and if there is an exception,
what do you have to look like to be accepted?

lowkey: i will mess with a cuban and a dominican.
i need to hear the sweet sounds of spanish in my ear while they are in me.
where all the non prejudiced spanish wolves who look like this:


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

76 thoughts on “Is This Proof Spanish Guys Are Racist?”

  1. *sigh*
    Did they not get the memo that some of them is niggas too?
    It’s a damn shame no one wants black people, including black people.

    1. ^everyone wants to be black,
      but no one wants to get treated like a black person.
      then in our own community,
      everyone doesn’t want darker colors.
      they want lighter colors to accentuate them…
      and they be the darkest ones!!!!!
      then the mixed kids complain they are black,
      but then arent black enough.
      i don’t see skin color getting these people good jobs and credit.

    2. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm hi! niggas are the biggest racists though. niggas are even proven racists to themselves. the other communities stick together at least. when have you heard latinos, asians, and whites tearing each other down? Ill wait.

    3. Y’all are so dead on. Then there’s those people that are claim to be black only when it’s convenient for them. White standards of beauty got us fucked up.

    4. it goes both ways i seen ads with black guys who say just looking for black men no whites so get over it its just what they like sexually i’m sure you don’t like overweight men or small dick men we all got a certain type young old hung muscular its not racist get over it your not he’s type

  2. It’s like that? Ok, I see how them dudes are. Fuck them. Just kidding lol. For real though, this means nothing. I mean, this is just one dude. Trust me, they all aren’t that way, I know.

    This is the day that all the Spanish guys come out the woodwork lol.

  3. Spanish guys date black. Jus light skin blacks. We don’t date Dominicans because they are darker. It is what it is.

    1. Wait a minute…not all Dominicans are dark skinned and for the people who are rejecting them, please forward them to me. I am half Dominican and I don’t discriminate based on skin color but I will discriminate when it comes to attitude and hygiene!!!. #mipapisongo

    2. Hey that is not true! I’m a dark skin Latino and I get ask out by light skin Latinos more than the dark skin ones. And not every Dominicans are dark skin either. Are you Mexican?

    1. Stop trying to make it about dark skin and light skin guys, that is not what this is about, but I bet you all will turn it into that. Light skin guys are still considered black. That profile clearly says no black guys, which means all of us. I read nothing about dark skin guys.

  4. Spanish tops are hard to crack cause they only like their own. Spanish bottoms will eat a black dick like its the last supper.

    1. @BT…man you are so right. I know some light skinned PR & Dominican kats that could pass for white, and that is all they want to deal with…white boys. Whatever floats your boat. Personally, I believe they do it for financial purposes, but if that’s what they like…so be it.
      I love Dominicans and PR dudes, light or dark, as long as they take care of themselves and look halfway decent. Please don’t be funky!!! LOL

  5. I don’t know what is the big deal when someone doesn’t want to date niggas. Dark men are not attractive. I don’t see anyone on here jumping to date white men. I have been on this site long enough to see when a white person is posted, the black RACISTS come out. Please shut the fuck up with this bullshit because some of you throw rocks as well!

    1. i think you’re missing the point…. african americans come in all shades… the above latino doesnt want anything to do with us period at least not it public

      1. to the person below me, in regards to your white question its about our HISTORY and the white man just wants the black dick, that is all and whites come in one shade. why you think they tan to get shades like us.

      2. To BT that is an incredibly stupid statement as I’ve seen more interracial relationships have higher success rates than two blacks. Two blacks together are always insecure to even function. Black gays are all about sex anyway so they don’t take time to build a relationship. NOPE NOT GONNA WORK LOL!

    2. These trolls are at it the day man. Again, I read nothing about dark men. To the white man anyone with color is a nigger, period. You can’t argue that. I like white men, and I would date one. However, my love for black men is strong.

      By the way you didn’t ask a question, I didn’t see a question mark in your comment.

      1. You didn’t answer my question so NEXT! All I read was gibberish about what YOU would do. NEXT! NEXT! NEXT!

  6. Ask yourself: Two Latinos can work. Two Whites can work. Two Asians. Two blacks don’t work. It isn’t other communities who have the issue. BLACK PEOPLE HAVE THE ISSUE! Wake up and stop living in this fantasy work because Latinos are just fine!

    1. Yea, you’re delusional if you think two blacks can’t be together. We all here are witnesses of that because we have all been with black men. It hasn’t got that bad yet dude.

    2. Black and black works well. What kinda answer are you looking for exactly cause the only one I see complaining is you sir

  7. If you don’t want to be with someone based on race then it’s your lost. It says more about you than it does about the person.

  8. Once again not surprised at all. I don’t see damn color, hell if u got 7-10 inches or ready to bend over an shake DAT ass we good. I don’t give a damn what race or skin color you are we all have problems.

  9. I am half Dominican and I don’t discriminate based on skin color but I will discriminate when it comes to attitude and hygiene!!!. #mipapisongo

  10. Yeah, it bugs me when people have to go out of their way to exclude black dudes.If I was only looking to hook up with only black dudes but non-black dudes sent me messages, I’d either tell them I’m not interested or not answer them at all.People always go out of their way to down black people.There was a Mulatto on x-tube who went out of his way to put all these insults about black men in the “Turn Offs” section but claims it’s not that serious so stop sending him mean messages about it.I was thinking “Well, your entire post/rant was mean/hateful.The gay community seems to have no problem doing this to Black men and Asian men.One white guy went on a huge paragraph rant about not wanting Asian dudes and black dudes.The idiot actually thinks he’s intelligent and his rant was so disgusting and racist.I thought “Why couldn’t you just post what you were looking for.”You can say “I’m looking for a fit white guy in his 20’s.”But no, it’s always something like “I’m looking for a white guy and no dirty blacks or nerdy Asians.”

    There was a black guy who actually posted on a website that he was looking for “white and biracial only.”He came off very hostile and feisty.

    It’s just society though, it has nothing to do with preference.Preference is just the excuse they give for the mind warping society has given them.

    The Latino guy’s profile, if that is him in the pic, then he clearly has black ancestry.All the Spanish dudes pics you posted up there have black/African ancestry.They all look like Mulatto or black dudes to me up there.

    1. A lot of Latinos are delusional thinking culture and language separates them from their racial reality. Hiding under linguistic umbrella terms like Latino, Latin, or Hispanic doesn’t separate u from being racially or phenotypically Black….Anglo Blacks & Latino Blacks share the same Trans Atlantic Slave trade legacy, sure some of us may be diluted from ancestral miscegenation of the past….but being descendants from enslaved Africans is the thread that binds all Afro American descendant people in the New World.

  11. But why is anyone even tripping over ppl who do this? They deserve to be with other idiots who feel the way they do. I honestly wouldn’t even want to be with anyone with views like this and like chase said who go out of their way to exclude or down others. Just like they aren’t into black guys I’m not into ignorance. Guess we aren’t a match. Next.

    Y’all give these dudes too much power. They do it bc we ourselves glorify a certain look and too little acknowledge and show love to the opposite.

    Perfect example of someone being attractive with the ugliest soul.

    1. I agree with u FoxAndTheCity people like that fool need attention, however negative to make themselves feel important and validated. I can give a fuck about a Latino or whatever these folks call themselves, just niggas with quick tongues. I’m all about Black American unity in the aftermath of all the injustice that has occurred as of late….

  12. The things you need to understand the reason us Afro-Latinos don’t look ourselves as being black because we do have other things beside black in us and we learn those traditions. You can’t compare Latinos with African descent to African Americans because you guys were taught that you are pure black regardless of your white and native american blood. But in Latin America we are taught that we are mixed and should love our European side more.
    And speaking as a Spanish Caribbean we are taught that light and dark skinned people should be together and make a baby. I remember this fat white Puerto Rican momma who used to criticize black people regardless that her children were dark skin like most black Americans, but the thing is she doesn’t look at her kids like that.
    And another thing is you have to understand you black Americans always treat us Spanish people like dirt and call us Mexicans, when Mexico is a country in North America. And that is why some Spanish people can’t stand blacks because it not only from not liking our black side, but also the way we are treated by y’all.
    And please don’t call the kettle black because I seen the way you guys treat Africans and they are pure black.
    I remember a time when I didn’t like black people because some of y’all are pretty scary and hateful!!! I was told I wasn’t Latino because I was too dark by you guys which made me more angry. But I learned that no one is same most of the time and I am growing to like and dating black men more because I don’t have to care about other people dislikes and likes. You should do the same too.

    1. I wouldn’t treat Africans any different than I would an African American because I see us all as pure black.In fact, Africans aren’t pure black/African themselves.The Somalians have mixed with Arabs and etc.

      The whole “Mexican” thing is something all Americans do, not just black ones.The default term for Asians is Chinese even if they aren’t Chinese.It’s just a habit.When they correct us like “Actually I’m Korean.”Then we’ll say they’re Korean.But I’m not really apart of the “US” because I don’t do that, at all.I refer to Asians as Asian.I refer to Latinos as Hispanic or Latino first.

      Oh and Pot meet kettle.

      1. Somalis are not mixed with Arabs Horn Africans including Somalis predate the existence of Arabs and most races….Somalis have small noses, big foreheads, slender bodies, vary in skin tone and hair type. Arabs are hairy, stocky, olive complexioned, and primarily have long hooked noses. Somalis look nothing like Arabs.

  13. But some of you black guys need to stop being insecure about yourself. Personally I think black men are sexy when they want to be. Just think about it black men have better bodies, nice lips, beautiful asses, and age very slowly. If you compare a 40 yrs black person and 40 yrs white person, the black one would look way younger. This is I am proud to be part black. And beside the gorgeous bodies and the well gifted penis is the brain, I mean it is so hot when you meet a sexy, intelligent black man who can fucked. That is a triple threat. Another thing is black people make beautiful people when they mixed with others because I am one of them. Not to be mean when look at mixed white & asian people and white & arab and white & hispanic, some are okay looking or ugly and very few are beautiful. But when you mix in the black then they are beautiful and stunning. So shut the fuck up and upgrade yourself.

    1. I’m glad you’ve come to like us lol. I’m southern so growing up I thought all Latinos were Mexican, all Asians were Chinese, and all Arabs were Indian. But i grew up and learned every body is different. But as you see everybody dosent want to learn they are just fine stuck in their ways. This summer I was in NY and walked through Harlem, OMG all the fine Latinos there I wanted to say somthing but everybody kept asking me to saw the usual New Orleans things lol.

    2. You don’t realize that what you’re saying is kind of offensive.Your saying that we make beautiful children when we mix with others but the point of getting with others shouldn’t be because we make pretty people.But that’s one of the reasons why self haters have kids with other races.Also, we should learn to love ourselves and stop thinking we’re not good enough to make babies with each other.We need to work on our eating habits and trying to stop high blood pressure and obesity.

      Black men, we are handsome as hell, and are women are just as striking and beautiful.I wish everybody could see what I see.Mixing washes our features out.I hate when people say “mixed people get the best from both races.”I hear that mainly from white people.It’s stupid because it’s insinuating that the races have flaws to begin with.I don’t see any flaw on white people and I don’t see any flaw on black people.And every human’s bloodline can be traced back to one woman that lived in Africa thousands of years ago.Even though white people are trying their hardest to push this sub race Neanderthal crap when all those sub race things make up less than a quarter of their DNA.The body and build of modern man comes from black Africans, not those ugly stubby Fred Flinstone things they keep trying to push.

      I kind of agree with you about mixed people who aren’t mixed with black.It’s probably because those groups look so much like each other.It’s the same if a black mixes with an Indian(from India) the kid really doesn’t look too different from the groups it’s mixed with.And you know they think every mixed person is supposed to look exotic.They overrate the hell out Eurasians.Most of the time they just look like Asians with light brown hair.

      If I was to see you on the street, I’d probably think you were black.You probably don’t look as exotic and mixed as you think.That’s probably that Latin society mindset talking.

      1. Damn you woke up on the wrong side of the bed. And yea what I said was kind of offensive, but the thing is I don’t really find people who is just 1 thing to be attractive as much.Don’t get me wrong I know there are attractive people who are just 1 race and that is cool, but not so much for me.

        Oh yea when I was talking about African people, I meant to say West Africans that tend to get bully by Black Americans.

        Actually I do have mixed features because the last time I checked I don’t look I woke up from West Africa, which you could tell a difference from. Plus I get hairy which that come from my European side and my hair is smooth.

      2. Sorry but you’re wrong.Most people who you think are just 1 race, actually aren’t.You’re stereotyping.I’m black and I’m also hairy.Does that mean I get it from Europeans.No.Each group ranges in features.

        Also you think you don’t look West African because you have a stereotype of what they look like.Not every West African group looks the same.

        Not to be mean Lindo but your Latino mindset is showing.

      3. Where I lived has some West Africans and they look at me like some kind of alien. Now I’m not saying I don’t look African because some of them thought I came Cape Verde. I am talking from personal experiences, so you can’t put your experiences on my.

        Now if you don’t like Latinos, then too bad because I don’t care.

      4. Lindo, I’m sorry you took my comments the wrong way because I love Latinos.Mestizo, Mulatto, white, black, Asian etc.The Spanish culture is beautiful and the people attached to it exude all kinds of sexy, no matter what they look like.I even love Spanish culture in Europe/Spain.I listen to Spanish music even though I don’t understand a word of it.I love the Spanish culture because everything seems to be based off of beauty, from the way the language sounds to the scenery.

        But I love everybody no matter what they look like.You can be Mestizo, Mulatto, white, black, Asian etc and not be Latino.You’re entire ethnicity is more of Nationality and not an ethnic/racial group like you all seem to think it is.

      5. You gotta remember everyone is raise differently. Here in the U.S. everyone go by the race or the color. In Latin America, they go by nationalities. The Arabs go by tribes, that goes for West and East Africans too, I believe. In China, people who aren’t Chinese are simply called dim sum or foreign ghost.

  14. I’m Spanish (Columbian) and I don’t date black men because they are rude, ghetto, and dirty. All the same and into that hood life. I date Spanish men and light skin tones anyway like the ones in the pictures! Sabroso!!

    1. Well if you have dated any men that look like the dudes in any of those pictures then your ass has dated black men.Praising those men is basically praising black men because all those dudes have black male features.Troll failed by being contradicting.

      1. Please. That is the past. We are talking now. When I look at Hispanic men, I don’t see anything African.

    2. Doesn’t matter if you don’t see it.It’s obviously there to anyone who is black.All those dudes look black or half black.Lindo already explained why you don’t see them as black.Point is they have black in them and you said you liked them therefor you inadvertently like black men, and you trolling hate FAILED.My aunt told me that a Mexican man told her that everybody in his family was her color.She’s brown.He was asking her ethnicity because he thought she was Latino.She’s black like me.She said he looked just like Jackie Chan.She was also approached by a young Dominican dude asking her ethnicity.Probably because she’s caramel brown and has really long black hair that is all hers because she takes care of it.Did I mention she’s black like me.

      Face it, Latinos are mutts and can’t tell what’s what.White people can spot the Latinos that look white.Black people can tell the ones that are black.

    3. well take your irrelevant 3rd world Colombian Coke head ass else where because we Black men on Jamari’s blog love and appreciate ourselves. Be lucky this Black man Jamari, allowed your filthy, Colombian jungle, coke head ass to even have an opinion on this site… matter how dumb and ignorant it is.

  15. WHY ARGUE?!

    I read these comments and laughed. Lighter skin people start to age by 29 anyway. They will wish they had some melanin to preserve that sexy. HAVE FUN LOOKING OLD BITCHES!

  16. Most latinos are descendents of African slaves.

    Reading these comments…

    …self hate is real.
    Y’all be blessed.

  17. this is the most interesting discussion we have had on this site.
    it has me literally hooked.
    i am learning so much about the spanish culture.
    i didnt know race was this serious until these recent entries.

    1. All I can say is I seen one Latino who classified himself as a black man and his name is Andres Olave from Colombia

  18. At the end of the day I just want to come home, in my bedroom where I find 3 men ready to pound my brown puerto rican ass. Mmm I would like one dark chocolate complexion black guy, one light caramel skin dominican man, and a deep tan brazilian guy. They all are build with a juicy phat ass and big 8 in or beyond dick. With their bodies all oil up and hard like rock. I climb on the bed and first I suck the dominican guy off while the black guy is inside of me and raping the shit of me while the brazilian guy is getting hot and bother, so he told the black guy to get under because they want to double penetrate. So the guy got under me while I was sucking the dominican, then I felt him going back in me but all of a sudden I felt another dick going in; at first I stop the brasilian guy, but he pushed my hand away and jam his way in.

      1. Sometime you have to be a slut and have a good time. Plus I got nothing else better to do.

        So back to my dream….
        The brasilian guy had enter inside without my permission. When he did that it left me with a shock which cause me to choke on the dominican guy’s cock because I was still sucking him at the time. I took his dick out and I was coughing and gasping for air. But that brasilian guy was so rough that he didn’t let me take a breather because he kept thrust his hips and the muscle in my ass tried to push their dicks out, but the oil made it hard. My tears was falling, my min went blank, and i fin myself screaming and moaning.

        They took their dicks out and I felt my new loosen hole. I place my fingers inside then took it out and my fingers were cover with their warm sweet cum. Then the dominican guy turn me around and place my legs on his shoulders and slowly put his dick in my hole. As he enter, he licked his lips and close his eyes. He took a moment with his dick feeling my wet hole, so I decided to squeeze my hole around his dick and he was giggling & moaning, and said I am so wet. Then he fucked with a little bit of force and asked me if I want him? I responded Ay si papi, me encanta cuando te cogeme fuerte. He smile and slowly moved downward to my face and place his soft lips on my lips.

      1. That reminds me I gotta kept doing the gymnastic workout in real life because I really want to be flexible and be able to do a split while standing so that the guy suck me and rim me.

  19. I’m crying laughing at some of these comments. Lol I really needed that laugh.

    Sure everyone has their preferences, but I have noticed for the most part Latinos prefer other latinos or white people and white men prefer white men and latinos if they want something exotic.

    I don’t particularly care for the body type of the typical latino or white guy so I’m not really offended when they say they aren’t into black guys. *Shrugs*

    When a Latino acts as if they are some how superior to other minorities, I want to ask them when is the last time a white person asked them if they speak Mexican. Lmao!

    1. I never understood why these Mutts think they’re better than the original either…….Their whole existence is based off of rape, domination, and colonialism. They Pride themselves of being apart of an Outdated Caste System meant to subjugate them into lessor beings needing racial cleansing. Those Spaniards sure did a number on these fools and here us Back Americans make a fuss about Willie Lynch….when Willie Lopez was 10 times worst and succeeded in dividing his Spanish Negroes and Mullatos LMAO.

  20. Wow, these comments, Jamari you have officially arrived because you got all kinds of people who look and comment on the blog now, I guess some people want to bring their negative energy to any open forum. Well throwing my two cents in, I cant even be that mad because I dont date, really talk to or am I attracted to any White men point blank period. I have seen some very attractive fine white dudes but its just not my thing, and I may be missing out but I only want Black men, I have dated a Hispanic dude before but he wasnt my cup of tea. I have seen some beautiful Latino men, but Black men are the most beautiful men on the planet and I would walk over a million men of other races to get to one. Hate that so many Black men who date men of other races go out of their way to look at you like you are trash or beneath them because they are with a man of another race, saw this first hand at the mall this past weekend with the Black dude who was with his White BF, who btw was checking me out lol. The Black dude made sure to look the other way when me and my homie walk in the store to avoid us. It like these dudes have some serious issues. I went to San Juan P.R., a few years back and the P.R. dudes flirted and came on to me heavy, but many thought I was P.R. because of my complexion. I even had a older P.R. lady who said I look like her son, and many just started talking to me in Spanish LOL! So it may just be their preference on what they like. I dont even get offended no more with this bullcrap, I see so much of it, that I am learning to let it go and be a better person because I know who I am and know who my friends and family are, and we are educated, career oriented and doing many great things, so Im not here for people who think all Blacks are second class and not worthy. At the end of the day, most Gay men are shallow as hell, no matter the race or ethnicity, so if you have a fine body, gorgeous face, and big penis, you are probably going to get men of all races chasing you.

  21. Let’s be clear I feel like this topic was started to be messy and race bait which says alot for the person who wrote it, then to make matters worse Spanish is a language not a classification for any people I’ve ever seen listed anywhere. If you were referring to Spaniards those are people who are from Spain, Latino nor Hispanic isn’t an ethnic group either its actually a cultural reference for the multiple ethnic groups housed under those cultures, and another thing just because we have African blood doesn’t mean we identify with what American society defines as black. Mexicans,El Salvadorians,Beliezians,Houndourianians,Panamainians,Bolivians,Dominicans etc…..all have there own culture as well as different dialects of the spanish language. To impose your forced assimilation on a group of people because you feel they look like you is bigotry and just about the most intolerant thing Americans do, thats immigrant groups tend to stick together to maintain their cultural values while being forced to identify with a culture that technically isn’t their own.

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