Is A Fox As Good As His Options?

Would you rather have him?

or him?

Or maybe, him?


Or, out of the 3, are you just looking for one out of the 3 Wolves to hold you down?
It seems that in this lifestyle, it is all about your best options.
And those dudes up there are certainly some of the best options in Wolves.
But, is this where Wolves and Foxes differ?
They have 1,000 options, where we have 10…

Should we always have options?

I love to meet new Wolves.
I mean, who doesn’t like the new Wolf smell?
In my earlier days, I would meet a Wolf and keep him as the “one I was talking too“.
I would sign off of the chat sites because I had a secret fear he would think I was “one of them”.
You know the type: still be online talking to different Wolves while you cup caking with one from the same site.
The “typical whore of the chat site” syndrome especially if you look good and got a nice rump.

Unfortunately, I wanted to be different.

I noticed that after that Wolf fucked up, I had no more options.
I had no back up plans and was pretty much lonely and assed out when it was all said and done.
I quickly learned after those numerous lessons that it is best to keep a couple cards in your deck.

Wolves on the other hand have a different way of thinking.
They LOVE options.
They will have so many options that you never really know where you stand.

Am I hubby?
Am I boyfriend?
Am I jump off?

That is the tricky part in really cracking the code.
You want to know you are taken serious enough and not just some side ass he is fucking because he is on a “break”.
OR, you do not want to be the side ass amongst many side ass that will go nowhere with you being a single wet ass.

It got me to thinking about back up plans and options.
In life, we never put all our eggs in one basket.
We make sure we apply for numerous jobs,
shop at numerous outlets for the best deal,
and even have various food to choose from.
Today you can feel like steak, but tomorrow you want chicken.
Why is it when it comes to love and searching, we meet one and think he is the one.
As a Fox, maybe we need to spread ourselves out in the dating field so we can never say we are alone.

When I tell a Wolf that I am talking to others, he wants to be my only one.
When I tell him that I dropped all my options, he starts to look for an exit strategy.
Are Wolves really attracted to a Fox he wants to conquer, rather then be conquered?
It can all be so confusing.

I had to wonder:

What really is the best option?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

56 thoughts on “Is A Fox As Good As His Options?

  1. #3 because of his awesome tits, although it looks like he has chicken legs
    the one who could be persuaded (if needed to) to bottom ;-P
    didn’t say “foxes only”

      1. thanks for the welcome, nice to be onboard, highly interesting site btw (wouldn’t have bothered to post if it wasn’t)

        in short, i’m “versatile”
        in full: i like being on top, but i do get my cravings, and i’m always okay with the bottom playing with my ass – sexy guys with “small” dicks = ‘how ya doin’?’ ;-P

      1. well once u meet that person..hang with them in their presence..u innately know when u should cut out the other options because they dont match up to how u feel when u are with that person..and if u are hanging out with the options and that one is on your mind at the same time..whats the point?

    1. wolfstyle :
      well once u meet that person..hang with them in their presence..u innately know when u should cut out the other options

      speak for yourself, i don’t have that kind of intuition, is it something that can be taught? 😉

  2. I’m say that I would choose the first dude, I think thats Lil B right?? But you know in our discussion post “The True Full Blowing of Your Back Out”, I was going to comment and say this and I started to post it but I deleted it because I saw the way the convo was leading and I didnt wanna turn it a different direction when we were making progress in one already.

    But I feel that this is very true, like so true and I think it is another reason and example as to why things between Wolves and Foxes are the way they are. Like KillaBlaq said we outnumber Wolves 10 to 1, and since they have so many options they pick and choose which foxes they want to deal with. Moreover, Wolves know that they are a rare breed out now so they see themselves as the hot commidities looking for the best offer and it forces us foxes to compete and conform to their unrealistic standards.

  3. Also there is almost a stigma to us having options sort of. Like even though we are not girls, “CLEARLY”. We are having somehow been thrown into the category with them in reference to how many people we can talk to and etc. Like for instance if you flirt with all the dudes on your TL, or in the club your classified instantly as some thirsty or a hoe probably and that’s on ends pertaining to Foxes and Wolves so I don’t think that having options is ever really a good thing because the other person/s like to believe they are the only ones and that honestly the way it should be, but again as we all know most of the Foxes, Wolves, Hybrids, Vixens, Jackals and Hyenas and people in general are never satisfied.

  4. I’ll take #1…and maybe #2 lol. I can’t speak for all wolves/hybrids but I definitely like a challenge. If a fox tells me im his only wolf and we’re still in the early stages of getting to know each other then I might back off a lil bit but if I think there’s competition I’m gonna be a lil more motivated.

    1. Steven :
      I can’t speak for all wolves/hybrids but I definitely like a challenge. If a fox tells me im his only wolf and we’re still in the early stages of getting to know each other then I might back off a lil bit but if I think there’s competition I’m gonna be a lil more motivated.

      ha-ha, i feel like a sucker – because i mostly fall for that sort of flattery or whatever you’d refer to alleged devotion as. i know that some guys like to think they are the only one.

  5. #whoisjamarifox :
    ^so as a Wolf,
    do you pursue a sexual relationship with the others,
    While you are secretly trying to pursue “the one”?

    nah because if hes “the one” i only want that ass…and i damn sure dont want him giving it to someone else

      1. consider
        1) he’s not all that into you
        2) he’s no wolf

        i mean, communication is a vital part of something more than just a one night stand or being fuck buddies – don’t get me wrong, good sex is also a vital part of such a relationship, but good sex alone is not worth wasting much more time on than when you want it.

        i also don’t like people who play mind games when they are trying to bed you or whatever they are trying to do – mind you they are playing mind games, who knows what the fuck they want besides just sex – can’t be trusted, they’ll only going to fuck you over unless you beat them to it

  6. I enjoyed reading this and other posts as usual. The thing is I like options… and I’m a fox. We are kinda like the breeders when it comes to dating. You can date more than one wolf and be considered a slut… in the fox scene or be a wolf who doesn’t even “date” a fox but just fuck & go the many. The more foxes you’ve been with I guess the more respect is given amongst other wolves. #KanyeShrug

    When your not giving up the goods to any of your options it makes you more of a sexual conquest. But in doing so you may find longevity in one of your options. Wolves always want what they can’t have… immediately. You can find a ass to fuck or a dick to ride but what keeps a man intrigued is a little mystery and a ton of originality.

  7. #whoisjamarifox :
    ^oh I would let a Wolf…
    But there is a fear it is all a game to them…

    well there is a fear associated with everything unknown in life..but the only way to find out is to put urself out there

  8. Steven :Unrealistic standards? Please explain

    Unrealistic standards are: You want a fox that has a ass like malo or trapboy, with the sexy swagger of trye songz, with the knowledge of a harvard grad, and a mascline attitude etc and etc

  9. Steven :I’ll take #1…and maybe #2 lol. I can’t speak for all wolves/hybrids but I definitely like a challenge. If a fox tells me im his only wolf and we’re still in the early stages of getting to know each other then I might back off a lil bit but if I think there’s competition I’m gonna be a lil more motivated.

    Steven I respect the method of how you go about dating but thats an oxymoron, and its slightly unwise. It seems you are motivated by winning a fox, so basically a fox is just a prize to you not “the fox for you”

  10. I have a friend who used to play professional ball overseas, and he wanted to get into acting and he came to me to ask me for advice. My baller friend who stands at 6’8 250 lbs of solid muscle with a smile that would make Rick Perry join the NAACP just to be close to him. He share with me his anxiety about wanted to become an actor and how he knew that it was a long shot mostly because of his HT, and he wanted to know if he should pursue a vocation with more options like teaching, starting his own business etc.

    I told the brother actors are like a woman who goes on a date (referring to the audition process), and she ends up giving up the ass on that date, and the next day she finds herself waiting by the phone all day hoping that her lover of the moment will call her back for another date. I continued to tell my boy that acting evolves a hell of a lot of rejection and often times the actor will never know why they did not get that role. This is why a lot of actors become assholes when they achieve success I told him however if he wants to be an actor he cannot give himself any other opinion but to be successful regardless of the level of rejection he may experience. As a successful person I live by the principle that accepting failure in my life is not an opinion even if I have to be alone at times and be on the road 365 days per year. I say to you bottom brothers if you think that you have limited options in love then that is what you will always experience. Even if the stats are against you never settle for anything less than your love life.!!!! Now bend ova and give me sum azz lol

  11. I should clarify that there is a big different between not settleling for less and being a fucking bitch say oh you betta have this or you betta have that shit or see ya lol

  12. OH yeah # 2 just in case ya don’t fucking know is of Manuel and that picture is photoshopped not his dick lol. Although he clams that his real dick is bigger lol He looks like he would make a nice bottom yum lol

    1. well, he’s limp anyway, i don’t get why people bother
      “ooooh, i’ve got a big dick, but i’m not enough into it to manage to get it up”
      his glasses crash with the rest of his style as well, shows that he doesn’t have the right priorities

      1. he’s mucho cheapo if he didn’t consider having his eyes done instead of getting a tattoo or such
        if he’s just wearing glasses for fun —> style crash

  13. #1 looks most fox-like, but I don’t wanna get a visit from Chris Hansen & PedoBear so…I’ll go with door #2 – I have a thing for big-dicked bottoms *shrug* lol

  14. I don’t see a problem with dating more than one person – especially in the early stages. I don’t suggest screwing them all, but if that’s your steelo…do you. I also agree w/style that you know when you want to get to know someone better & give them more of you…whether it’s explicitly exclusive or you just stop looking. I’ve had it w/dudes I got to know for a few months before we had sex as well as w/what was supposed to be a jump-off that ended up going deeper. It’s more likely to happen for me if you don’t give me the cookies off jump, though. If you tell me you’re looking for something more & then let me hit it in the restaurant bathroom…ummm, yeah – youza ho lolol

  15. #whoisjamarifox :
    ^ 30 Fox points to Killa for knowing that.
    I just on his tumblr that is a fake.
    Good photo manipulation tho.

    Yeah bruh you don’t know half of what I know lol. The brother is really cool he is a Leo so we get along well; I had some limited business interaction with him in June. He is a local celeb in Austin TX as a madd online following of females. He does some modeling on the side and have been involved some minor shoots and he has a model mayhem page. I don’t think he is down but the way he keeps going on about wanting to find a woman to marry kind of raises my eye brows a little lol

  16. Give me two red bulls, five 5 hrs energy drinks, one monster drink, 10 shots of patron, and a blunt and I’ll fuck and suck all three.

    Sounds like you’re advocating foxes do the exact same thing you guys criticize wolves for doing.

  17. JAY :
    I’m always under the influence of something when engaging in sexual acts with dudes. Never did anything sober. I imagine it’s boring though.

    Ive messed with a wolf who was like that. He’d always have a drink whenever we were together. I took offense to it at first but then i realized it wasn’t actually “me”, he just had a substance abuse problem.

    1. Hm I used to think I do to, but I’m far too cheap to be addicted to alcohol or drugs.

      I’ve just never been in a “happy” place prior to engaging in sex. I’ve also never had sex before 2 a.m. lol…or with the lights on.

  18. YngBlkWolf :
    hmmm, speaks volumes about the internal conflict you have regarding gay sex…once you get over that, you’ll stop

    LOL so when str9 men need that liquid courage in order to sleep with women they are having an internal conflict regarding str8 sex? LOL

    1. Could be; or she’s too ugly, he’s too scared…alcohol lowers the mental inhibitions, the ones that stop you from doing stuff while sober…when you ‘know better.’ *shrug*

  19. LOL this one dude that come to mind was dating the fucking home coming queen and she was very pretty no joke lol. They were dating for a long time at that point over 2 years, and almost every time before he hit dat

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