I’m Leaving On A Jet Plane (Don’t Know When I’ll Be Back Again)

tumblr_n4cyug20Ze1r5gmiko1_500so today was dominican wolf’s last day

after yesterday’s tsunami,
i was not in the mood for anything.
it rained cats,
and pans.
shit the whole fuckin’ house.
it rained pretty much the whole night,
but for some odd reason,
i couldn’t sleep at all.
today i woke up late and didn’t have a clue as to what i was wearing,
i had a real rough start and it seemed everyone else was feeling the same as well.
then they were talking about it was gonna be a humid 75 degree afternoon.
KobeStaresBrownneedless to say i was not here for a damn thing.

so after i had to assist in training this new snow bunny,
one in which i could see me knocking upside her head,
dominican wolf surprised me when he walked through the floor.
he was in full uniform and ready to work.
i know he works nights,
so it was a shock to see him there in the day.
i can’t say i was too happy to see him,
but he was real happy to see me.
i pretended not to see him as i walked back to my desk.

“oh so it’s like that?” he said,
holding his arms up next to me.

yeah kinda nukka.
i have yet to see a reply on that last text message two weeks ago.
i hit him with the ol:

“oh my b.
kinda busy.
how are you?”

“i’m good man.
kinda tired.
been killing at the gym this last week.”

i think i gulped around that point.

“oh why is that?”

“this is my last day until i leave for miami tomorrow.”

“oh damn for real?!”

i notice my voice raises an octave when i’m trying to fake “happy”.
he actually is leaving for a trip with that dreamtrips thing.
he is taking close to a month off to travel to miami,
dominican republic,
and california.
i know.

“oh wow thats wassup.
who are you going with?” i asked.

“couple people and someone that is a friend.”

he put “friend” in air quotations.
“someone he is trying to fuck”.
i’m not stupid.
we talked periodically throughout the day when we saw each other.
he even came over and snatched my cream out my hands so he could use it.

“you are so kind.
thank you.”

carrie-bradshaw-annoying6thing 2 wasn’t at her desk when he did that number.
thank god because i know she would have thought “something”.
weird thing is…
i saw him and one of the mailroom wolves gawking at some vixen with a fat ass.
anyway i wished him a safe trip and gave him dap before i left.
he smiled and said he would hit me up once he gets back.
i guess everything is all good?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “I’m Leaving On A Jet Plane (Don’t Know When I’ll Be Back Again)”

  1. He really wants to be your friend even tho he couldn’t scam you. Get him to be your free personal trainer. Maybe you’ll end up meeting a discreet wolf by staying friendly and in contact with him.

  2. I say continue to be friendly with him, now that he know you don’t put up with bullshit he won’t trying anything stupid again. Besides you never know who you can meet thru him, maybe a even finer wolf.

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