i’m done with jamari fox.

say what?

“I’m done with Jamari.”

that was one of the lines being read back to me by a mutual friend.
the other was from a recent ex-friend who i had to bark on.
there has been tension stirring within our group and it exploded the other night.
he violated,
tried being snarky with me,
and that led me to

personally i have no regrets about it.
this same friend,
when he was getting lied on,
i had his back in the entire situation.
the moment we had an issue,
he is throwing me under the bus in passive aggressive fashion.
for the life of me,
i can’t understand why folks think they can treat me differently than others.
i learned something tho:

“Not everyone is down for you as you may think.”

when everything is good,
they are smiling in your face and riding by your side.
when things get bad,
and friendships/relationships are tested,
you will see exactly where you stand with people around you.

ironically enough,
i didn’t feel sad about this particular friend.
for the three years we knew each other,
i didn’t really know him.
it wasn’t like my other friends who i’d be devastated about.
i’m at this place where i’ve suffered so much disappointment with people

if you can’t respect me or my feelings,
you gotta go.
even if it’s a wolf and we break up,
i’m gonna be sad,
but then i’ll start the moving on process.
i bring more to these friendships/relationships than these ragamuffins ever will.
it’s not my loss; it’s theirs.

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2 thoughts on “i’m done with jamari fox.

  1. Yassssss Mari! 👏👏 You are absolutely right bro. That’s the best way to look at it. The only one losing in this situation is the other party because it’s truthfully hard to find genuine friends period, even more people who actually care about you. His loss, you’re good either way. Ironically I’m going through a similar scenario at my job. Not to the same degree as you, but just about on that same wavelength. One of my co workers a part of my little crew at work assumed I had feelings for him…because of how friendly I was towards him (how I act with everybody in our little crew 😂) and stated I made him feel uncomfortable. So cool, we hashed it out and I kept/am keeping my distance. Then today he gets mad because…I’m keeping my distance. Talmbout I’m disrupting the energy of the crew. Like wtf 😂😂😂 I just kept it pushing. The day is still ongoing and so will I.

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