maduka emilio okoye sounds like mandingo warrior, don’t it?

look at that muthafuckin’ bicep.
put THAT away sir.
ever so often,
a wolf from online takes my breath away.
you know those types.
well the pretty vixen hit me about ^that wolf up there.
his name is maduka emilio okoye and…

…he a soccer baller wolf for the nigeria super eagles.
well i’d love for him to swoop down and cum feast on this.

i wont even put up a fight.
here are some stats on maduka:

height: 6’6
age: 21
birthday: august 28th, 1999 (a virgo, ugh)
born: düsseldorf, germany
resides: nigeria
position: goal keeper

you know i love my wolves tall,
and can buy me a drink.
is this what they’re looking like in nigeria?
i might need to transfer.

lowkey: why are all the wolves from other countries fine af?

see his instagram: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

27 thoughts on “maduka emilio okoye sounds like mandingo warrior, don’t it?”

  1. He’s very attractive. Gives me very “I ain’t with thay gay shit! I’ll shut your whole shit down” vibes. But, what do i know 🤷🏽‍♂️

  2. The Color Purple gif is SENDING me 😂😂😂😂 I don’t know what is going on with the late 90’s. A lot of them are really good looking snacks out here 👏

  3. He look like EVERY other young athlete. EVERY other mixed boy on social media. EVERY other IG male thot. Light-skinned. muscles, tattoos. YAWN. Damn dont this aesthetic get boring to yall at some point?

    1. It’s white supremacy. I personally have to fight the urge to NOT like every light- bright’s thirst trap on IG. (12 steps: one day at a time). But seriously, we as global citizens are conditioned. “Woke” folks know what’s up, but still, a lil Rico-Suave dude gets me weak in the knees every now and then.

      1. Most people aren’t receptive to this and get exhausted. They’ll automatically mention a dark-skinned guy with Eurocentric features or some “otherness” that makes him not as Black, whether it be a British accent or looking biracial.

        And when they DO mention a Black guy without “the look”, they constantly focus on his skin and muscles which makes up for his “unappealing nose and eyes”. It’s this creepy overcompensation that we need to stop doing. It’s like if you told a straight biracial guy he never gives dark-skinned women a chance, he’d automatically mention thinking Lupita is pretty. If you told a gay light-skinned guy he never gives dark-skinned men a chance, he’d probably mention Yahya because he’s hot right now with Aquaman and Watchmen.

        There’s SO MUCH in between Chris Brown and Djimon Hounsou and people ignore that and don’t realize the darker he is, the more masculine they want him to be. So the further he is away from “roughneck thug”, the more “fem” he is. So even if he has a smaller nose and lighter eyes, “he’s not their type”.

    2. I mean the guy in Det Pikachu and Jurassic Park would never this much hype because he’s not muscular. I think because he has a nerdy demeanor people can see him as “gay”. But muscles? No, he must be straight, even though more muscles usually equals how many poundings he can take.

      I think if we had a bottoming profile of these guys, the lust would slowly dissipate. That’s why whenever they speak, suddenly gays get turned off. It’s not a big deep booming voice. It’s a normal voice, so he should’ve stayed quiet. Gays are a predictable lot.

  4. I knew he was Nigerian as soon as I saw the name. I grew up in a city with a sizeable Naija community so I know a thing here or two. He is handsome.

  5. Can we just say he’s cute or not???

    I’m tired of explaining / defending who I’m attracted to.I like em all “Blue Black”, “Bodak Yellow “,Salamander Salmon”.. I find all men around the world attractive. Now in my personal track record I have dated mostly African American men of all shades, facial features etc.

    However, I see Attractive White , Asian , Pacific Islander men etc All “Races” have good looking men( to me)

    Hell, I know that I am not everyone’s type and that’s all right with me ( smile)

    BTW He’s cute ! Ha ha ha ha l

    1. lol why you call yourself ‘Black is beautiful’ then just ‘all lives matter’ us like that.

      honestly YOU and the other people you’re responding to are doing the most in this entry.

  6. Smashable… but not as fine as people will try to make him seem. I see guys like him daily in the Tri State.

    He seems DL. Look at who he follows on IG.

    And like clockwork the messy, self-hating femcels on Lipstick Alley are clucking like a gaggle of hens over him; talking about he looks like Alicia Keys in her stud days.

    1. He mainly follows guys affiliated with sports..

      But I agree on the part about females on Lipstick Alley. You’d think they fuck Adonis’s since they call every attractive black man “gay” or unattractive. Its a weird conundrum. Whenever they see good looking black men it’s almost as if it threatens them. In their mind it’s “oh he must hate black women, let me diss him because I know I won’t have him anyway”. It’s a weird rhetoric.

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