I Would Probably Just Lay There

tumblr_nq2kncOT091tzm5euo1_500i have been so tired as of late.
like jamari fox is running on empty.
even writing this,
i feel like i could do with a 6 hour nap.
i still look good tho.
no bags or fine lines.
i just take pride in making sure i rest.
i actually just woke up from one before i grabbed my laptop.
last week was crazy busy because a lot has happened.
where do i even begin?…

so they fired someone else.
like where do they keep getting these slackers?
they come to the job and get super comfortable.
they get all wrapped up in “the company” and forget.
even i,
who has been there for 2 years,
still isn’t playing those games.
you know what else is crazy?

how an animal will swear up and down they were a good worker.

how could i get fired?”

…but realistically,
they actually weren’t.
well that was the case for the latest in my department.
they hired her because she started out as a good temp.
she got hired and found time to:

find wolves to flirt with
always in the bathroom or taking a smoke break
 finding ways to be everywhere but her desk

her getting fired did bump my reputation up tho.
it just highlights how much i am a valuable asset.
tumblr_mfnd8ryS1R1ri5dojo4_250(foxtip: be so good they will feel suicidal when you gone.
work, friends, and wolves.)

bad enough next week is going to be OD busy.
there are important clients coming in every single day.
big named magazine and some celebs.
i was told to “dress nice“.

who are they talking to?

c1c4c4f21728f9ef514b0fa9fc9d5c76on my most relaxed day,
i still look like i put effort into what i wear.
not bragging.
star fox is definitely with me in spirit as my stylist.

on the positive,
i had a breakthrough with mi.
its like she is going through some kind of depression.
every night for the past two weeks when i come in,
she is knocked out or acting extremely weird.
she has been drinking a lot.
like full bottle of vodka and other shit.
she also keeps calling out of work.
her excuse:


she still finds time to hang with friends and meet random wolves.
so i ended up talking to her today.
a nice one on one as her defenses were down.
she had to hear the truth,
but i’m learning how to listen to her as well.
not everything needs to be a combative situation with her.
she ended up crying and confessing she misses her mother.

i get it.

she also told me she wants more from her life,
but she feels lost and has no clue on what to do.
she has been trying to meet a wolf because she feels lonely.

oh bad decision sweetheart

she also told me the alcohol calms her down.

yeahhhhhhhh lets try “no”

it seems she is hitting her emotional rock bottom.
so i told her i will do her resume.
we can start there if she is really serious.

i just need the energy to do it.


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6 thoughts on “I Would Probably Just Lay There”

  1. I mean I get it, but bitch I called and called and no answer. Don’t you ever leave me hanging like that cause I’m not the type of asshole you wanna mess with 😛 But yea I totally get it, just yesterday I was speaking with my former co-worker who was telling me at the job it gotten worst now because of new management and they got her and everyone doing everything that they’re not supposed to be doing because it’s not in their job description so she’s over it.

    You know what you need? A nice warm tea with a nice warm bubble bath with Sade playing in the background.

  2. Make sure as you’re helping mi it doesn’t drain you too much, you already have a full load of stuff to deal with as well.

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