I Was Out (and I Didn’t Look Back)


i left early today.
i definitely wasn’t feeling good

i caught some kind of “something”.
the weird part is i take my multi vitamins daily so i’m lost.
it started yesterday actually.
i felt like i was being dragged down.
when i spoke,
i felt the scratchiness in my throat.
my nose felt stuffy and i was OD tired.
the weird part is,
i don’t feel totally sick.
it was like my body is experiencing two different feelings.
i came home yesterday and went straight to sleep.
when i woke up today,
i felt completely out of it.
giphythe process of feeling better needed to start.
i emailed my boss at like 12:45pm-ish and told him i wasn’t feeling good.

you can leave.”

my bag was already packed so i was leaving anyway.
i got a few “feel better” items from the store,
took a warm shower when i came home,
and been in and out of sleep ever since.
it’s a rainy weekend in the new yawk anyway.
i plan on being as comfy as possible for my long weeked.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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