one of the foxholers posted this on his ig stories today.
i am so glad that i wrote kanye’s banishment papers when i did.
i listened to “famous” the other day but for rihanna’s part.
i can’t listen to his music without feeling turned off.
even my fav graduation don’t hit the same for me.
every time he does something,
it seems to be worst than the last.
this was also posted on the foxholer’s ig stories…

i remember when i was being gaslit about him.

“It’s all about the art and not the artist.”

shut tf up.
so we should still listen to r. kelly too?
while all that can be true,
i can’t enjoy it when the artist is being a moron.
if this was anyone else,
he would be banished.
chrisette michelle was banished for singing for trump.
this one here was in the whole office,
wearing a whole maga hat on,
acting like a teenage vixen meeting her crush and that was fine.

this is kim’s karma tho.
she was fuckin him while he was with her friend at the time,
alexis phifer:

she has been fuckin him for years even when she was in relationships.
thats what the forests were saying when they debuted their love.
i think amber rose said the same too.
the foundation was already shaky.
she ended up with him and getting bred.

I guess she didn’t bank on this demon would emerging years later.

this is a teachable moment.
some people should just stay fuck buddies.
as much as i’m sure kris jenner is loving this press,
his hotep stans will probably think this behavior is acceptable.
a mess all around but many are to blame for this demon.
he was coddled into terrorizing everyone around him.
they all need to slap themselves.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. Actually good insight from the foxholer. I try not to pay Kanye any mind these days. When people start doing the most on a regular basis, that’s when I tune out. I don’t feel anything for Kim. Those poor kids that have these 2 narcissistic idiots as parents is who I ultimately have immense pity for. Hopefully they turn out better than their origin.

  2. Look -a -here!!

    There were always warning signs that people( Kim , The public )ignored .

    The day Kanye “Ran up onstage and stole Taylor Swifts Award” and that time he said ….. “George Bush Don’t like Black People” was it for me.

    Yawl followed him thinking it was “Cute” . I saw a mean , disturbed person.

    1. ^fun fact: i went to that vmas when he did that.
      i was a seat filler for that disorganized mess.
      when he did it,
      i was a huge fan of his and wasn’t into taylor swift.
      looking back,
      it was extremely fucked up for him to do that to her.
      she didn’t deserve that just because HE thought she didn’t need to win.
      that was the first red flag tbh.

    2. That was easy to ignore. He lost me when he was on television praising Donald Trump like he was some sort of deity. I was like this fool has REALLY gone off the deep end! And it continued to go downhill from there.
      This dude needs help and no one in his close circle seems to want to help (that we know of). He is making a case for Kim DAILY to gain sole custody of those kids, and god knows what will happen if that ever occurs.
      This dude needs help and fast. IG/Twitter are NOT helping him…and he doesn’t realize it.

    1. ^i just heard him on a old janet song and he don’t even rap like that anymore.
      to my defense,
      i haven’t heard him on the mic in years so it could be still the same.
      he has been banished.

  3. My opinion is….This is a pattern with the men that deals with that family….Somebody needs to get that man some help…because he will not go get it for himself 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 But I feel sorry for those children….They’re seeing all of this foolishness going on!!!

  4. But he likes trump and the reason he does is because like many Black people who claim republicans have their interest more than democrats, they praise his “real approach” and how he doesn’t mince words . But when this gets them killed or arrested at gunpoint they on social media saying hashtag say their name !!!!

    U can’t serve two masters

    U can’t praise narcissism when it’s entertaining bc one day this could be your family

    This is very oj/nicole hell he already walking around with gloves on

    And tbh he’s lucky Kim doesn’t play the threatened white woman card and call ppl on him and have him put into a psychiatric 5150 hold

  5. This shouldn’t come as a shock nor surprise.
    The whole family is nothing be users. They use you until they can’t use anymore then turn around and throw you away.

  6. It is unfair how Chrisette was banished forever for singing at Trump’s inauguration, yet Kanye gets chance after chance. Social media is really hypocritical and inconsistent with this “canceling” mess

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