Trying to force anything creates resistance.

it’s time to stop lacing up our track shoes.
have you ever noticed when you are interested in someone…

…sometimes your first instinct is to always force yourself on their radar?
we don’t give them a chance to even be interested in us.
we think the constant texts,
and the extra attention will make them yours.
in reality,
it gives:

everyone i know who either:

Met the partners of their dreams
Got people desperately wanting to be with them

don’t seem to care that much.
they get people chasing them because they pay them,
regardless of attractiveness or money in the bank,
absolute dust.

One of my vixen friends has a male acting wolf who is OBSESSED with her.
She is not interested because he fucked up when they briefly dated.
Even though he has a poppin’ career atm,
has connections,
and could probably change her life,

she doesn’t even care.
He legit follows and chases her on everything and she isn’t phased.
That is true power.

these days,
i’m learning to go with the flow.
going with the flow was always scary for me.
i felt like i was missing “something“.
you know what i’ve learned?

People are unforgiving to content creators when we are going through things.

they always want you to be on to entertain them.
if you can’t be there for me when i’m on and off,
especially when i’m going through it,

i’m not fucking with you.
it’s giving:

i’ve learned they won’t be there for me in the long haul.
i mean i’ve seen how easily i’ve been dismissed from people irl.
it’s “fuck them on sight” too.

Anything you chase will always run from you.
It’s the universal law.

lowkey: there is a wolf that i want,
a career success that i want,
and a 50k deposit i want,
but i’m chillin tf out.
my days of chasing are over.


  1. We all seen how Laura and Steve worked out. She didn’t want nothing to do with Steve until Stephon came. She even got greedy and didn’t care what happened to Steve, long as Stephon was alive. She started dating a clone. Steve was so heartbroken it took him a minute to see that Myra wanted him.

    Pam even dated Jerome! Tommy forced himself on Pam that it forced them apart. We not gon even talk about how Dwayne forced himself on Denise only to get heartbroken and fell in love with Whitley.

    It never works out!

  2. We know you’re going thru a lot right now man. And that’s all right.

    Any chance the actor likes men too? I’m tryna be a Real Househusband of Brooklyn.

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