it looks like we might have a murder investigation on our paws.
everyone thought it was drugs or the rona that took out danny tanner of full house aka bob saget.
his autopsy said he died from head trauma and my eyebrow raised.
it seems his head trauma was “side-eye worthy” cause…

Questions surrounding Bob Saget’s cause of death increased after the late comedian’s autopsy report revealed Saget suffered injuries to his head that are usually seen from a more traumatic blow than one typically sustains from a slip and fall, according to multiple media reports.

As reported by Fox News last week, Saget’s family released a statement that said the 65-year-old comedian’s sudden death was caused by a brain bleed that occurred after Saget hit his head and went to sleep, not realizing the severity of his injury. The actor was found dead in his hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando on January 9th after performing a comedy show in Orlando, Florida, according to the Fox News report.

Health experts weighed in on the autopsy report questioning the investigation and cause of the blow to the comedian’s head that led to his death, according to an article in the Daily Mail.

The outlet posted the autopsy report, which said Saget suffered multiple fractures stretching from the back to the front of the skull and along the eye sockets. It also revealed there was bleeding across both sides of his brain. The Daily Mail cited one report in which a doctor said the injuries in the autopsy appeared consistent with a blow to the skull with a baseball bat or falling 20 to 30 feet.

the social media conspiracy theorists are saying:

that is suspicious af.
was he allegedly murdered by loan sharks?
was he into some kinda violent cosplay?
was he trying to take his own life so he jumped off something?
i’m so baffled.
i wanna see cameras,
the crime scene,
and look over the notes from the investigators.

i found it weird he had a show the night before his death with no issues.

not only that,
he was ( x texting candace cameron ) too.

Something is off with all the dragons in China!

…or whatever the saying is when something ain’t right.
people are already talking so social media might solve this mystery.

lowkey: if you ever hit your head,
it’s imperative to see a doctor.
don’t go to sleep after.
you could die in your sleep from head trauma.
i thank God for the time i fainted and landed on my chin,
i woke up after i fell asleep.

article cc: yahoo


  1. Let’s let him rest in peace. Like everybody is bringing up dirt that all the Golden Girls didn’t like Betty White. We all love Betty White for who she was. She has said so many times, fuck em if they don’t like her. She out lived them all! Let Betty and these other celebrities rest. We all know Betty would be cursing people out for digging old dirt up. She didn’t like that at all and didn’t say nothing bad about anybody behind their back. She told them to their face.

  2. I don’t want to always assume somebody was murdered to justify them leaving before their time. Everybody knows when you come off a good show, you like to celebrate in your own way by yourself. We know he wasn’t a drug user but he did drink. Its possible he may have been drunk in his room to celebrate and hit his head inside his room. Whatever the reason, he felt safe to go to sleep. If he was texting Candace, then I’m sure he was fine then. She would have said something if she felt something was wrong. This man was practically her second father.

    When the police and ambulance came, they are trained to look for signs of disturbance. Granted they can easily clean it up but the body doesn’t lie. Whatever happened, I pray it wasn’t foul play. Nobody deserves to die like that.

  3. No one was thinking about Bob before he passed let’s continue let him rest and move on Hollywood people deaths always come with so much gossip even in death there names are dragged

  4. Something definitely suspicious here! I hope the truth comes out; someone needs to check the camera footage in that hotel. I can’t believe his family is accepting this! I’m no detective, but it looks like he was murdered.

    1. Easy to investigate since modern Hotels have cameras and they can interrogate the lock to see if anyone entered or left the room and at what time. We interrogate locks all the time in the hotel industry.

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