I Am Stalking Him (U Gonna Love Me)

tumblr_lzebb7Z15C1r6fsc6o1_500 well i have too.
don’t judge me.
i miss him.
i mean,
really miss him.
he just left me and never even said bye.
see i don’t like that.
that bothers me.
i hate when they just pack their shit up,
and don’t even have the decency of writing you a goodbye letter.
i thought you loved-ed me?!?!?
so now i’m alone and having to stalk him wherever he goes.
i see he is having a grand ol time since he left me.
letting these ungrateful  hoes act all smug while they show off what he bought them.
i hate hoes.
i use to be his hoe.
a top dolla one too.
what happened?
you know what it feels like to be avoided?
not good.
i try to hold on to the hope that me and benji,
the nick name i gave him,
will be together again one day.
“when” is million dollar question.
well i hope by that time,
my eye will be on mr. wilson.
“woodrow” is what they call him.
you now i like ’em big time.
benji can only handle but so much.
does that sound crazy?…

so today is valentine’s day.
i heard all the single readers say “blarg” all at the same time.
everyone rushed out to go get someone so one day could justify their relevance.
i rushed out to get ice cream for my apple pie a la mode.
my priorities are clearly somewhere elsewhere these days.
my only concern at the moment is getting my life in order.
i know i’m in a better place when i don’t give a fuck about valentine’s day.
i forgot it was even valentine’s day.
i’m sure i would have been sad and questioning my existence before.
“why don’t no one love meeeee!”
the fat fox inside me i’m sure kickin’ and screamin’.
now since ive seen so many “not what it seems” relationships,
i know today is just a day they get a “day off” from the bullshit.
don’t let the instagrams fool ya.
they was JUST complaining about his,
what they say,
his “triflin’ dog hoe ol crusty ignorant son of a bitch ass” just last week.
putting up sub-memes and shit.
cut it out bitch.
you ain’t low.

tumblr_inline_mumma1RUXD1qlj2znso don’t feel sad or suicidal about being single on valentine’s day.
“you will meet someone soon” or some trite answer everyone says.
i mean….
these same wolves will be available after tonight so…
“i’m back to fuckin ya man tomorrow tho.
most people just use today as a day to get some “better than normal” dick with candy.
he may even eat ya booty good and an “all you can eat” coupon.
if you are alone,
do what donna meagle from “parks and recreation” would do:


fucka v day.
your sadness stops at the dot.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “I Am Stalking Him (U Gonna Love Me)”

  1. Yeah, I know about relationships not being what they seem to look like on the outside.I know a few wolves that constantly come to me and complain about their girlfriends but as soon as I get on Facebook all you here from them is how much they love them and can’t do without them and how their thankful because they’re with such a lovely lady.What comes out of their mouth and what they put on the social media are two complete opposites.

    People are so fucking fake now and days.

  2. (bah humbug). The only thing I’m lookin forward to is the half off candy tomorrow. Got me some jergins and the Internet lol

  3. I was crying this morning before 6am man. I’m sad af you guys. Nah, I’m playing lol. For real tho, I woke up with my first love on my mind lol. I’m dead ass serious. My old girlfriend from freshman year of high school was on my mind like crazy. Damn, I fell for her hard, it didn’t make sense, and she was bisexual lol. I walked her to class, I carried her pink Hello Kitty bookbag on my back, and I did her homework. Yes, I was whipped, I must admit lol. She was a year older, so I let her take charge lol. I was happy af until she moved. I loved her, and I secretly cried for two days after she left, I know lol. Anyway, I’m still snowed in like most people with no shit to do so…me and Google got better acquainted this morning, and I decided to look her up. When her face and body popped up, I was smiling like shit, she’s still bad after almost 6 years. 5’5 and 135 pounds, and she still likes girls. I knew her size because I also found out she was arrested not too long ago for stealing and poss of marajiana. SMH. I didnt judge cause I was arrested before I met her, and surprisingly she has a four year old daughter to support, so lord knows what she stole and why. Shes very unhappy and sad according to her tweets tho, it was obvious she’s been hurting, bad. She was the type of girl who was easily influenced, and if around the wrong crowd, you might as well forget it. She’s like Porsha, not smart, but very easy going and has a positive energy. However, people were obviously taking advantage of her. It’s sad how people drain you emotionally and change who you are. The girl I knew didn’t do drugs or steal.

    It bothered me that she wasn’t happy because she would have been happy with me, and of course we would had fun, especially since I turned bi. Yea, we would have been swingers if we were together lol. C’mon what are two sexy bi people supposed to do? Lol. I would have had to sling a lot of peen, but there is enough for everyone. My fellow bi dudes know that is a perfect situation. You get your woman, your man, and most importantly, the image.

  4. I actually love Valentine’s Day even though I’m single. Like this holiday for some reason it make me dressed up, put on my most expensive cologne and mix of body spray, get my haircut and style, and go in the car to drive around with my boo Sade singing “Your love is king” and my all time favorite “Like A Tattoo”

  5. This is always the day of the year that means the least to me, I think I relayed either last year or the year before on here, how I got played big time one V-day back in the day so I never expect much and usually avoid all the nosy questions from co-workers and such by taking the day off or leaving early. Well today started off like any other V-day without me expecting too much, but I be damn if someone shock the hell out of me a few minutes ago and actually ask me out, someone who I been crushing on and who has been playing like they wasnt crushing on me as well, but now I know different. Why am I still trying to play like Im not happy as Rick Ross at the All U Can Eat Fried Chicken Buffet. It must be a full moon for real because this kind of shit never happens to me, I mean seriously. So, if you all hear someone howling at the damn moon, that would be me, because lets just say its been a real long time.

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