Hurt People F*ck The Brains Out Of Other Soon To Be Hurt People


/you already know this entry will have nsfw adult images and material.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

you know everyone is still talking about the season finale from “insecure”?
that left a lasting impression on a lot of us.
besides the relationship woes between lawrence and issa,
the other side of the debating is…


jay ellis became a star that night.
the thing is,
do you really want dick like that tho?
The universe will give it to you nice ‘n’ hard,
but peep this…

the appealing thing about that sex scene was the animalistic nature.
we all got emotionally invested in the situation so it felt real.
he FUCKED that vixen.
sourcelawrence was fuckin’ her like was trying to make a point.
he did actually.
he was trying to prove a point to issa.
that was “revenge/hurt/horny/not a nice guy no more” type of fuckin’.
why you think “make up” sex is so passionate?
a wolf will use his dick to show you how hurt and mad he was at you.
if you want to be fucked like that,
find a wolf who is hurt and wants revenge.
i guarantee he will break your back.
this is how it will start tho…
he will be the type to confide in you what happened in relationship.
vulnerability is sexy.
you’;; start feeling him and think you’ll be better than who is he with now.
don’t act like you never been in that situation.
he looks at you and for that moment he thinks:

i can fuck with this.
he gets me…”

…and instead of healing what’s been broken within himself,
he is fucking you like a savage.

he is fucking you like he wants to be with you.
soon after tho,
you’ll become an “afterthot”.
he’ll be back with who he really desired.
that same fox/vixen he talked so much shit about to you.
next thing you know,
you’re obsessive and a stage 5 clinger.

thinanother thing is,
lawrence was only fucking tasha from the back.
that is the official “you just a nut” position.
the only thing he,
and any wolf,
wants to see:

Butt cheeks jiggling while being pounded

it isn’t an intimate position.
lawrence also didn’t kiss her.
he damn near pulled her hair out and pushed her down into the bed.
he was deep up in that.
that is hook up sex.
“we” do that kind of sex all the time from chat sites.

…and that’s all well and good if that’s what you looking for.

fucking like that is not a bad look.
sometimes you want to be fucked like an animal in the woods.
you can’t get fucked like that all the time tho.
your insides will be a complete mess.
when you are with someone you like/love,
it’s much more intimate.
there is passion.
when they kiss you,
it means something than a “hook up/in the moment” kiss.
i think we get caught up in the animalistic side of sex we forget the intimacy.
don’t get me wrong,
i like getting fucked,
but i also don’t like being a blow up doll to some hurt for wolf.
he is taking his sexual aggression out on me because of someone else.
foxes/vixens out here trying to fuck the ex/crush out his life.
hybrids out here dropping it low and spreading it wide for happiness.
it all leads into being everyone’s rebound.

i’m good.

the good news if you happen to be an “issa”?
he did care about/love you since he is rebounding everyone to get over you.


he just blowing everyone else back out to do it.

video credited: tumblr

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Hurt People F*ck The Brains Out Of Other Soon To Be Hurt People”

  1. Listen my chocolate oldhead does a combination of both but you’re right theres nothing like that intimacy sex but listen that animalistic sex will turn you out lol

  2. That sex scene was this season’s MVP lol

    You’re right tho the bank chick is just rebound pussy tho which is unfortunate for her because I think she really likes him and he’s more than just an itch that needs to be scratched for her.

    As far as getting fucked in the way you described in this post it’s happened to me recently with this wolf I really wanted and while in the moment it was hot and sexy, afterwards when I had a chance to think about it i realized I wanted more than just Face down ass up.

    1. ^after fuckin him,
      and not to put you out,
      how is he treating you after the sex?

      you can email me the answer if you like?

      and you right,
      being a rebound is the worse because you end up fall for a brick wall.

      1. Lol you’re good I feel safe here

        The next two weeks he went ghost on me I couldn’t get a text or phone call replied back from him.

        1. ^omg!
          see and that’s not right because im sure you liked him and did any normal thing someone in “like” does.
          people fuck and it’s normal.
          it’s a problem when there is no communication and hurt feelings.

          plus that “ghost” shit gotta go.

  3. Good video J, I wish we got to see the front of that dude. Boi must have been diesel, and I’m hoping to reenact that seen this afternoon by “Mr. Plower” indeed! You know, after Lawerence kept her business card. I still wondered If Issa was loyal to him, would he still pound her. In my head, “probably not tho”, but I guess its alway good to keep reference numbers just in case.

  4. I’m glad to see this here.

    I mostly avoided Insecure before until the final 3 weeks of its run but finally gave it a shot after seeing the gifs of a nude Jay Ellis and the other guy Issa cheated on him with. That nudity brought me to the show but I stayed long after for the compelling storytelling, good writing/acting/direction etc

    This is a hip (damn im getting old usimg that term) funny, intelligent look into the lives of the single black women/friends from the millenial perspective. In fact, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anything like Insecure on television w/ a mostly black cast. The dialogue/storylines have a familiar, lived in quality that resonated. Perhaps that is how the final episode felt so real for most us watching from the start. I cannot wait for Season 2.

    SN: you’re right Jamari Jay Ellis became a fucking sex symbol for me in 2016 in his role as Lawrence. His nude/sex scenes are some of the best Ive ever seen from a black actor on television outside of Oz.

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