Did Safaree Get Some Alleged Pipe Leakage?


/this entry contains adult images and material.
viewer discretion is advised.

so i think my lowkey prayers have been answered.
a f-bi alerted me that safaree got some alleged pipe leakage today.
are we excited?
now the source is mediatakeout,
so you gotta f-bi to be sure,
but this is what they gotta show the foxhole

Nicki Minaj’s ex Safaree Samuels has been making a name for himself, on Love And Hip Hop Hollywood. Well he’s about to get a lot more fans.

A website claims to have spoken to a β€œmodel” that he briefly dated Well things went badly, and she allegedly leaked a pic of his . . . MANHOOD.

i swear i’ve seen that pipe pic before.
*checks my files*
either way,
good job safaree!
he is jamaican so i know he:

a) crazy
b) knows how to ( x fuck )

it comes standard with their package.
safaree been looking good tho.
he even did a “work out” mannequin challenge on ig:

i’ll allow him.

lowkey: even if that isn’t his,
he should claim it.
that’s a nice piece.

article taken: mediatakeout | pics and video: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Did Safaree Get Some Alleged Pipe Leakage?”

  1. nope. not him. another pic was leaked which was an intact dick, for the safaree challenge. this dick doesn’t even look like a real leak

  2. Lord knows i love Nicki and i give Meek Mills his props becuz he reps for my city BUT I’ve been feeling Safaree ass for a minute. I think he’s so sexy with that body, and those full lips and he’s from Brooklyn. I find NYC men to be so sexy I’d give him all of me lol people call him corny but i bet his pussy ratio has increased by 1000% after being with Nicki

    1. Nope. Method Man’s is way smaller. I haven’t seen the pic before so I’m more or less inclined to believe its his. Jamaicans and men of Jamaican descent are AMAZING. Never had a bad Jamacian partner and I have had my share. Lol

  3. Sooooo, apparently this isn’t his pipe. He clearly has tattoos all over his forearm, yet that pipe pic is void of them

  4. Is he FROM Ja or jus got the heritage?…cause pretty much every dude I’ve eva met born in the islands still have their hoodies intact if u feel me…

    1. ^I’m in your court Tony. Dude does nada for me. And not all Jamaicans know how to fuck! I’ve heard some stories! LOL

  5. I don’t care how corny he is, you can’t tell me this man’s DMs isn’t popping. Body with pipe to fuck them stupid and a famous ex? He’s the whole package for an upcoming attentionista 😁

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